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Hey Everyone, THANKS for stopping by! This is DIY Mirror #1. DIY Home Decor | DIY Room Decor. DIY DOLLAR TREE Mirror Design #1. This DIY Dollar Tree project can be used as a home decor, room decor or wedding tray & was made by using Dollar Tree mirror and Dollar Tree decorative cake tray with Diamond Wrap. This can also be an easy arts and crafts project. Please also see Design #2. Flower Mesh Art; Wedding Decorations.
I also used gorilla glue sticks with my glue gun.
In my opinion, E6000 works well on gluing the mirror onto the decorative cake tray.

***The way I hung the mirror I used E6000 glue with jute cord.

While the jute cord & E6000 is holding strong. To add more strength, you can add multiple jute cords & picture hanging wire. Glue down with glue gun (strong glue-gorilla glue) on both sides then add E6000 on both sides also. The jute cords/picture hanging wire must be embedded in both glues. Make sure that both glues are fully dry before hanging. Hope this helps!!!

***I wanted to mention, please don’t forget to glue the mirror to the Decorative cake tray. E6000 works well to glue the mirror onto the tray. Thanks!!!

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**Decorative cake tray – Dollar Tree

**Large Mirror- Dollar Tree

**Diamond Wrap

**Flower shape mesh wrap

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