DIY Ideas – How to Easily DIY Kitchen Backsplash – “Peel and Stick” Mosaic Tile



Hello Everyone! This is my very FIRST YouTube video and I just wanted to share an easy DIY project! A Simple way to transform your kitchen! Create beauty, one room at a time! 🙂

This video shows a new material that I found on eBay – Peel and Stick Aluminum mosaic tile, it’s awesome because you don’t need to grout the tiles!!! Definitely something for a budget renovation – AMAZING! I chose the copper coin peel and stick to go in this kitchen.

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Here is a list of the Products Used:
-Peel and Stick Aluminum mosaic tile – found on eBay
-“Sprayway” Glass Cleaner : Home Depot, Target
-Hair Dryer
-Screwdriver : does not matter what type of head it is
-Waterproof Tape : What painters use for trims
-Scraper : Any hardware store, ie. Home Depot, Lowes…
-Compound : Any hardware store
-Patcher/putty knife : Any hardware store
-Knife: Similar to an x-acto, got mine at Daiso


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