DIY: Fun and Creative Kinetic Sand Silly Putty with Cornstarch, *NO BORAX!* SUPER SATISFYING! !



Making the Putty

Step 1
Add the corn starch to your bowl or container.

Step 2
While slowly mixing the corn starch with a spoon, slowly add the water to the bowl until the mixture reaches a gooey, runny consistency.

Step 3
Add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture and mix until the color is evenly distributed. This step is optional, but adding color is fun if you are doing this project with children. Plus, it makes the product look more similar to the store-bought kind. Add as much or little food coloring as you want, depending on how intense you want the color.

Using the Putty

Dip your hands into the mixture and pour it through your fingers to observe its properties. When the mixture is free-falling through your fingers, it will feel wet and runny. However, if you poke or strike the substance, it will feel hard and plastic-like.


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