DIY Friendship Bracelets EASY



DIY easy friendship bracelets for beginners. This bracelet making tutorial shows how to make these cute friendship bracelets. These bracelets are so easy, simple and quick to make so they are great for beginners in friendship bracelet making! Bracelets take no more than 2 minutes to make, but look beautiful when finished! All you need for this bracelet DIY is a charm, string (cord) and some beads (optional).

In this bracelet tutorial I show how to make friendship bracelets out of string and charm step by step, so this bracelet making tutorial is perfect for beginners! I love making friendship bracelet myself, since I can match the color and the style to my outfit. These bracelets are fashionable and look great no matter what clothes you wear! I hope you would like to see more bracelet DIYs, since I have more DIY fashion projects planned! The best feature about this bracelet making project is that they are quick, simple and easy to make and you don’t need any bracelet making tools, such as a rainbow loom.

These bracelets are handmade and can be made at home. Bracelets take 2 minutes to make and are done by looping the string through the charm’s hole and making 2 special knots on each side of the string. I used pink, blue and green color of bracelet string (cord). You can use any charm you want, as long as it has at least one hole through which you can guide a string. I also thread some beads on my bracelets, but if you don’t have them you can still make beautiful friendship bracelets without any beads. The central piece of this bracelet diy is the charm and the cuter the charm the better the bracelet at the end. I used infinity charm, circle charm, and 3 circles combined charm.

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Songs used in this friendship bracelet making tutorial are from YouTube Audio Library. Everything else is either mine or public domain.


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