DIY Fandom Dollhouse!! Cute Miniature Room Decor With Undertale, Neko Atsume, Emoji, Pusheen & Co!



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I get so many requests for different themes (Undertale, Neko Atsume, Totoro, Pusheen, Emoji etc) so I decided to combine them all into one mini dollhouse fandom room :D!!! This was the longest DIY I’ve edited but I’m so happy with how it turned out. This miniature dollhouse kit is from and it’s shockingly good value at only $12 with free worldwide shipping.

As you can see, this DIY kit contains so much stuff to make the perfect miniature dollhouse room decor. I was also impressed at how relaxing the process is and I think this is an ideal DIY for anyone dealing with anxiety, panic or simply need a project to distract them from the stress of everyday life. The difficulty level is surprisingly low and you can leave out things like the LED lights to make it less complex.

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As mentioned, this DIY doll house kit isn’t that hard but here are a few places where I had some minor issues:
1) Be careful not to get glue on your fingers when you’re smoothing down paper designs for the wall, floor or photos. The glue can dissolve the ink which messes up the colours. Wash your hands often or smooth paper down with a cushion which you see me doing in the video 😉
2) Fitting the lamps with LEDs. I messed up the bedside table lamp because I cut the lace so it ended up too short to cover the LED. When gluing it onto the tulip-shaped bead, you’re supposed to leave a extra bit of lace at the bottom so it covers the bulb.
3) The shelves ended up a bit too narrow and I trimmed the books with scissors so they could fit inside. I also used one small pearl bead inside of the taller heart pearl bead for the decor.
4) Pikachu’s cheeks were cut from a photo of a red perfume bottle in the instruction booklet.


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Please LIKE if you want to see more DIY miniature dollhouse videos or Undertale, Neko Atsume, Totoro, Pusheen or Emoji themed DIYs!! This is a perfect DIY if you need something again anxiety, stress or if you simply love making miniatures and need a place to display your pieces. It’s much easier than it looks because all the pieces are cut to size so you just need to glue and assemble them. The entire DIY dollhouse takes several hours to complete but each individual stage is short, so it’s a great project for a holiday or quiet weekend at home.


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