DIY Christmas Room Decor ideas/ How to make Santa Claus from CD/ Easy Christmas Crafts



Hey friends, today we are going to show you DIY Christmas Room Decor ideas/How to make Santa Claus from CD/Easy Christmas Crafts
Christmas, is an annual festival, celebrated on 25th December, every year, which is the birthday of Jesus Christ & Santa is a legendary figure, who is said to bring gifts to every well behaved children’s home on Christmas eve.
For Christmas decoration, Santa is very important figuring as decor & the festival is just coming soon. So, today we made this very easy & money saving Santa Face, which you can also use as a Christmas card for gift. Let’s see how we made it.

Materials Used:-

1. Waste CD
2. Scissor
3. Colour papers
4. White paper
5. Fevicol
6. Marker
13. Cotton

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