D.I.Y Creativity Set by ArtCreativityTM – 4 Fun Creative Do-It-Yourself Projects



D.I.Y Creativity Set by ArtCreativityTM – 4 Fun Creative Do-It-Yourself Projects – Includes 9pc Sunglasses Kit – 300pc Loom Watch Kit – 28pc Bracelet Kit – Bouncy Ball Kit – Best Unique Gift for Kids

I am a stay at home mom with my three year old daughter. I try to find different things for her to do. I want to see her creativity side and have introduced to many different activities. Activities other than drawing and painting. I want her to use her hands and try to make things and learn to be independent. It’s never too young to teach them to be independent. With this DIY kit, you can four different activities in one purchase – loom watch kit, bracelet, bouncing ball, and sunglasses. Unfortunately, she is too young to work the loom watch kit. But it will make a great time when her cousins come over who are pros at it. With the bracelet we tried to come with a pattern and not just connect any color. I wanted it to be a learning experience too. It was a lot of fun and she was very proud of the bracelet she made. My little diva loves to wear sunglasses. So with her having the option to make her own and mismatch it was great too. The excitement she had was precious. The glasses come with one frame, four stems and four lenses. The bouncing ball was definitely something daddy had to make with her. I didn’t want to mess that one up and that is schedule for later this week. This is a fun DIY kit for the entire family and definitely not your typical home activities you would have. You won’t be disappointed with this kit.

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