Build A House in Less Than 3 Hours Apex Block ICF Insulated Concrete Form ICF’s



Watch 2 workers build a house in less than 3 hours using Apex Block, a revolutionary type of insulated concrete forms (ICFs) that don’t require expensive bracing and grout.

APEX Block™ is a revolutionary energy saving building product that provides protection against flood, fire, high winds, earthquakes and infestation. Unlike other Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), APEX Block™ fits together in a Keystone Interlocking System™ and eliminates the time and cost of expensive bracing and connection methods. By simplifying the construction process one is able to Build Smart, Build Faster and Build Greener. APEX Block™ can be utilized in consumer DIY projects, rehabilitation construction, residential construction and commercial construction.

APEX Block is the Greenest Wall System in the World™! Composed of 100% recycled EPS (expanded polystyrene), cement, and a proprietary formula, APEX Block™ is an evolutionary, patented green building material poised to lead the future of constructing, worldwide.
ICF Building Blocks APEX Block.

The APEX Block™ Is a multi-functional patented keystone interlocking design Is 8 times stronger than wood, yet light and manageable. Takes as little as 1/3 the build time, easy to learn and construct with. Will not mold, mildew, or burn, and contributes minimal VOC off-gassing. Reduces energy consumption by 50 to 65%. Is Rated for 250 mpg winds, comparable to F5 tornado. Seismic sheer-rated to 8.5 or greater. Passed all building and certification tests for building product. Is UL Listed, and ICC 1770 approved. Is Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) approved. Is beautifully and easily finished in a wide range of textures or finishes.


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