7 Loft and Bunk Beds – DO IT YOURSELF PROJECTS



AMAZING DIY projects for you to watch. Find the ones that best fit your taste and talent! Below we list their actual YouTube link to watch the full-length video. Many of these projects are great for your DIY weekend and easy on the budget. We certainly hope you enjoy watching these videos, but we do ask you to share the love by GOING to the video creators channel: like; comment; and subscribe!

Bunk and loft beds have been around for ages. Not only do they save tons of space, but they are fun for the kids. Who doesn’t love a good do-it-yourself project (DIY) and here are 7 amazing potential ideas for you and family? Obviously, if these beds are not in consideration for the kids, adults can easily make one of these for their space as well.

Hopefully, you can find a cool idea from one or all of our video creators we have selected to feature here. We feel that they are great and custom ideas that can be space saving and many are on a budget as well.

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1. The Samurai Carpenter

2. Andy Rawls

3. Our Wild Life

4. Moy perez woodshop

5. Momma From Scratch

6. Jay Bates – Woodworking Videos

7. Tyler G

Thank for watching our videos on our channel! For the last 28 years, I have been involved with some form or fashion of “Home and Garden;” from career to a hobby. DIY projects are amazing and fun to watch. They give you a sense of, “Hey, I can do that!”


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1. There are plenty of do it yourself projects!
2. We encourage you to search for “diy bunk bed ideas.”
3. Also consider searching for “diy loft bed ideas.”
4. These videos will show you how to build a bunk bed.
5. But I would assume that there are many creative ideas for a bunk bed and loft bed.
6. We have found many unique and cool bunk bed designs, along with loft beds.
7. A common search is for bunk bed with storage steps or stairs.
8. Believe or not, there are great loft beds ideas for adults.
9. Most bunk beds design ideas are for kids.
10. Consider custom bunk bed or loft bed ideas as well.
11. Loft and bunk beds are space saving.


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