Awesome ways to relax

It’s getting harder and harder these days to find time to relax, this might be due to work stress, health issues of family stress. Regardless of the reason, it is important to take some time off once in a while watch some TV or Youtube, and find activities that will help you feel more at ease and relaxed. For this reason, we created this video to show you little tricks on how to relax, and relieve your stress or anxiety. There are many stress relief toys out there, for instance, the fidget spinner, coloring books, stress balls, puzzles and for some people the Rubiks cube, so in this video, we are showing you how to do some of them.

Have you ever tried making your own slime? Then try this little hack because in this DIY recipe we show you how to make your very own Glow-in-the-dark slime that you will fall in love with. In a bowl add some glue, some sodium tetraborate, and some fluorescent dye; mix them all together using a plastic spoon until it starts to get more solid. Touch it with your hand to see if you can mold and then pick it up and start molding it into whatever shape you like. This is ideal to have in the office, and when you feel like you are getting stressed or you would like to lay back, relax and think for a while, slime is your best body to help you do that.

Another satisfying toy we have is the DIY stress ball, and, you can make it using items from your own home. Here is how to make it. In a bowl, add some water and cornstarch ( which is ideal for thickening any liquid), mix the two together using a spoon until it reached the consistency you desire, if you would like the mixture to be thicker add more cornstarch or if you think it’s too thick add more water. The using a funnel transfer the mixture in a balloon and seal it the way you would normally do. There you have it, your very own stress ball. you can mold it and squeeze it as a regular stress ball.

If you are more of an artistic person and doodling is the best way to get you to relax, we have some easy ways to paint and doodle different patterns. They are ideal for creating your own coloring challenges as well. We have 17 different patterns that you can choose from and we show you the process of how to create one from scratch; the only thing you need for these is a piece of paper, a marker, a ruler and your love for doodling. As a bonus, we included a tutorial on how to make an optical illusion by folding your paper and creating a secret staircase on your paper.

In addition to those tricks, we included a Japanese method to help you relax in less than 10 minutes. Each finger represents an emotion you are experiencing.
– The thumb represents worry
– The index finger represents fear
– The middle finger represents anger
– The ring finger represents sadness
– The pinky finger represents confidence
Identify the emotion you are feeling and using your opposite hand hold the finger with the feeling you are experiencing for two minutes. This will help you relax more easily and remove the negative energy.
0:06 – DIY glow in the dark slime
0:36 – DIY stress ball
1:22 – Awesome 3D pattern
1:42 – Doodling pattern
2:11 – Arrow doodle
2:34 – 3D drawing illusion
3:32 – The impossible shading pattern
4:34 – Japanese reflexology
5:44 – Doodle ideas
6:18 – How to make your own windmill

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