10 DIY Paper Room Decor Ideas!



These are some cute, cheap (FREE), and easy DIY room decor ideas made from ONLY paper. …um and maybe some string for some.
A lot of these decorations may seem obvious, but I just wanted to make a video with ALL these ideas put together.

I know how it feels to see really cute room decoration ideas but then you realize you actually have to leave your house and go out to buy the stuff….but guess what. Now you can totally make these decorations with just paper you have laying around your house.

I hope this gave you some ideas on decor you can make for your own room, or inspired you to make something similar to them. Please give this video a like if you enjoyed and/or found it somewhat useful, and let me know what you think!


Directions to decor #7 (tissue paper tassels):

Bird Template –

Elephant Template –


Nicolai Heidlas – Real Ride
Nicolai Heidlas – Pacific sun


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