10 Babysitting Activities! FUN DIY Project/Crafts Ideas + Life Hacks for Kids



Hi guys! Now that it’s SUMMER, I figured a lot of you guys are probably getting babysitting jobs. So that’s why I put together this video to show you 10 DIY Activities for Kids! These are 10 things you can do to entertain kids and children while you’re babysitting this summer! There are lots of DIY project ideas for kids and craft ideas and activities for kids in this video! I know kids love playing with toys and having fun so I share diy project ideas such as kid crafts, arts and crafts, baking, and other FUN kid activities that are a lot of fun for kids! In this video, I’m sharing my Babysitting tips and life hacks for kids so that you can be an expert babysitter and keep the kids busy and having FUN! Enjoy!!


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