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Car owners are aware of the feeling that’s mixed with anger and regret when they find their vehicles smashed up or some part of their car is broken. Some people don’t know that every location is not a good and safe parking spot.

Let’s find out which parking areas are more prone to damage and break-ins for your car.

Near Kids

The scratch or dent that you see on your car could be due to the activity of a mischievous kid or teenager. Don’t forget that some children don’t care about other people’s property, while others in all their innocence can scratch their names on your car.

Whatever the case is, stay away from kids and steer clear from areas where teenagers are playing. Intentionally or unintentionally some unfortunate incident can happen which will not be easy watching.

Under Trees

If it is snowy in your area for the most part of the year, then it is not advisable to park your car under trees. The snow can fall on your windscreen and break it, or it can destroy the paint job. Broken tree branches, tree sap, bird droppings or any debris can also damage your car.

A tree provides shade and you can park your car underneath it if you feel the weather is hot. However, the weather is unpredictable and a storm can emerge anytime. A heavy storm can break branches which can fall on your vehicle and completely change its shape. That is why you should avoid parking under trees.

Dark Places

You can avoid the theft of your car or its part by parking in a well-lit place. Never try to maneuver your vehicle into a dark spot.

A place near the storefront or under a street light can be a good choice. If you are unable to find any spot, you can use the service of Parking For Me.

Your car’s visibility prevents a criminal to even think of taking a dirty look on your vehicle. A dark garage might work; still, it is preferable to avoid poorly-lit spots.

Isolated Areas or Places with Less Traffic

Don’t make your vehicle an easy target for theft by parking it in low-traffic or isolated areas. Luxury cars can be easily stolen and transported to another location from remote places. Less number of inhabitants in such areas is what prevents the thief from being caught.

Parking For Me provides safe locations for parking different types of vehicles; areas that are not isolated.

Parking For Me Ensures Safety

Parking For Me offers their app with which you can find a safe location to park your car.

Avoid regret due to a poor decision of selecting a wrong parking spot by choosing Parking For Me and find a nice, cozy place to leave your vehicle unattended.

Get in touch with Parking For Me by calling at 650–230–8080 or emailing at info@parkingforme.com.


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