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Work, the place we spend one third of our life… one third. Knowing this we should be compelled to spending it as best as we can. However, that is not always the case. Life happens and sometimes work is not the place we want to come in smiling early in the morning. What we can’t do is let that be a routine for ourselves. Effective communication is key to any successful relationship, but the thing many overlook is how much body language and attitude are a part of that communication. It truly is the little things that can make the biggest impacts, from a smile we don’t give to a good night we don’t say. These little things can cause assumptions that either break or build a relationship. We can assume our coworker doesn’t like us if they don’t acknowledge us. We can assume that our work is not being appreciated if there is no thank you involved. We can assume just about anything.

You see, there are two sides here, the one assuming and the one acting. We all play both roles. As you are wondering what others are feeling about you; you must keep in mind that others are also wondering what you are feeling about them. Funny right? It’s kind of a huge guessing game that we are all unknowingly playing. And the only way to win this game is through self-assessments of our own behaviors.

Recognizing your own actions will help you better understand the people around you. If you are aware of your mood and body language you can then understand why someone is probably keeping their distance. Did the tone of your voice make someone feel as though they were bothering you? The way we present ourselves day to day will reflect the way people treat us. I have seen this countless times where there are people who are so afraid to speak to someone due to their possible reaction. The thing is, we must understand that you won’t ever know why someone is the way they are unless we ask….

“Hey, are you okay today? If you need to talk I am here.”

This simple question has the potential of changing a life. As I mentioned earlier, we spend one third of our lives at work so making it a place of comfort is key to living a portion of our lives happily. Noticing people goes a long way, a simple smile can change an entire attitude. You never know how your actions are influencing others, how they are making their day or making them feel like they are less, thus causing how they feel about work.

The power of self-assessment is so real. Being aware is the first step to taking action. The first step to creating a place of warm embrace. A place we all can come to one another through effective communication. So let’s all do ourselves a favor and constantly self-asses ourselves, so we can understand how our behavior impacts those around us. You deserve an inspiring place to spend one third of this exciting life we all have.


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