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Wallpaper is often viewed as a product which covers up problems hence the saying ‘just papering over the cracks’ has become an analogy for not dealing with the underlying problem.

The German statesman Otto von Bismarck first used this analogy in a letter in 1865, and the first recorded example in English, in 1910, referred to it. The allusion is to covering cracked plaster with wallpaper, thereby improving its appearance but not the underlying defect.

Well Wallrock Fibreliners do much, much more, than just covering and smoothing out the appearance of cracks or crumbly plaster as with standard lining paper.

What is Wallrock Fibreliner?

Wallrock Fibreliner is so much more than just good quality paper. For a start it contains special polyester textile fibres within it combined with the paper using special binders and then it is made on a very special type of paper machine to get the very best from these special ingredients. When you buy Wallrock Fibreliner you are buying so much more than a roll of lining paper — you are buying a permanent solution for treating tired old walls.

As a result Wallrock Fibreliners are at least twice as strong as standard lining papers and three or four times stronger than many regular printed wallpapers — not only that though Wallrock Fibreliners ultimately stretch more before they tear.

Wallrock Fibreliner comes in different roll sizes to suit your need, 55cm, 75cm and 100cm widths and there are two finishes ‘Fibreliner Original’ which has lovely tactile very slightly fibrous feel and ‘Fibreliner Smooth’ which is a smoother finish offering a more economical surface for paint. Visit: https://www.coveryourwall.co.uk/wallrock-fibreliner-premium/

All this technology packs in even more features

Wallrock Fibreliner reinforces your cracked walls;

Wallrock Fibreliner will add strength and protection to even tired old plaster so many of the most persistent cracks may never reappear.

Wallrock Fibreliner is easy to hang;

But it gets even better than that, Wallrock Fibreliner is very easy to hang, even on ceilings — simply apply ready mixed adhesive to the wall or ceiling and apply the Wallrock Fibreliner directly to the surface, smooth out and trim. Pre paste lengths if you prefer by all means of course — either way Wallrock Fibreliner is user friendly.

You can do all this because unlike many wallpaper products it does not shrink or expand when pasted)– so no need to soak it.

Wallrock Fibreliners are quick to apply

Wallrock fibreliner saves you time too when hung using this technique and to make the best use of this it is produced in rolls up to 1m wide so you can get the job done even faster.

And the cracks don’t come back when you use Wallrock Fibreliner

So you have saved time and reinforced your wall or ceiling by using Wallrock fibreliner so there is every chance those cracks will not reappear. You have created a great foundation to go on and decorate your walls with paint or printed wallpaper. Whatever you do you can have confidence you have done a great job — most definitely not ‘just papered over the cracks’.

Content Source: https://coveryourwall.wordpress.com/2018/06/27/why-paper-over-the-cracks-when-you-can-make-a-proper-job-of-it-with-wallrock-fibreliner/


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