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You may have heard about it, but I also wouldn’t blame you if you haven’t. It can seem like a very foreign concept or like something out of a Sci-Fi movie at first!

By definition home automation is the use of computer(s) to control functions and features around the home either when you’re there or away. Another name you may have heard is Smart Homes. 
Home automation can range from turning off the lights without leaving your couch or checking the cat hasn’t ripped the curtains while you’re at work.

It means saving time, more comfort, ease around the house, and a simplification of your life. You can control air conditioning, lights, your TV system, view live security video, turn on and off any appliance and open the garage door, windows, blinds, windows, and doors. Basically if you can motorise it, you can control it.

How is it controlled? 
Often from an application on your smart phone. There are also home assistants available on the consumer market. Comparable to Siri in an iPhone, you can speak to these devices and they will help you out. There is Google Home, Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa.

What options are there for me?
There are a tonne of applications you can download onto your phone. Check a few out, do some research and find the best one for you. However, make sure the apps are compatible with what you have installed around your home.

Know your needs
If you are someone who doesn’t spend much down time in your own home, then going all out on automation is probably not the smartest use of your hard earned cash. Instead opt for a simpler version that allows you to turn the heater on, on your way home from work, or see the view from your security cameras. 
However, if you spend a lot of downtime in your home, then why not! It’ll make your life even comfier.

Get a specialised installer
A handyman or electrician probably won’t do a bad job but it is often best to be safe and get someone certified for that certain product. It could save you money down the line!

We hope this has shed some light on the potentially confusing new step in home improvement!


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