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I actually contemplate the phrase “life coach” all the time. You mean my life isn’t put together and I need someone to basically whip it into shape. Sounds pretty awful to me.

This is the exact mindset that “life coaches” are here to fix the negative voice inside yourself that wants to run away from your problems instead of facing them head first. I should know because at a few points in my career I would of benefitted from my own life coach. (Notice how I didn’t use quotes there.)

Yes, I’m a real estate agent. I work with buyers, sellers and investors everyday. But I realized early on in my real estate career that I wanted to be more than the type of agent that shows you four homes, prays that you put an offer in on one of them so they never have to see you again after the closing table and handing you the keys. That just seemed empty to me. I’m not an extremely transaction person. I like to really get to know people and learn about what makes them individually tick.

These coaches that you come across do nothing more than help you improve a specific area of your life and that’s what I loved so much about being an agent and building relationships. I got to be a part of the journey of getting someone into their dream home and helping them start the next chapter of their life. It was an addictive feeling that I hope I never have to give up.

I realized that I can help people achieve their life goals through real estate, because I was already doing that everyday. What if I could reach more people beyond my location or inspire someone who would never event speak to an agent because they just assumed that they would never be one of the lucky ones who could buy a home for themselves? There are so many people who don’t research the different ways to buy a home or the different types of real estate investing because they rather just push that aside. They’re going to “deal with it” someday, that day just isn’t going to be today. But, maybe it should.

You can start getting a hold of these three aspects of your life to get you even closer to achieving the lifestyle you want.

1.) Financial State

2.) Credit Score

3.) Current Lifestyle

I’m not here to bullshit you, it’s going to be really hard sometimes. But everyone has that idea of what they want their lifestyle to be 10 years down the line, they sometimes just don’t know how they are going to achieve it.

A lot of people are afraid to ask real estate agents questions. They are afraid that the agent is going to try and “sell them” before they have time to even finish their first damn question. It shouldn’t be like this. I want to be able to answer questions for millennial buyers or retired sellers all over the country.

There really is no such as a stupid question in real estate and anyone who makes you feel like there is shouldn’t be working in the business. Period.

It’s important to ask yourself these types of questions when thinking about your living situation in the next ten years.

  • Would you be happy if you were still renting at that point?
  • Do you imagine yourself living somewhere entirely different?
  • Will there be the same amount of people living in your household or will your life look completely different then?

What are your answers to all these questions? What can you do today to help you get there?

Look I get it the whole “coach” phenomenon is somewhat of a hype, but when you actually think about it is just a way to describe someone that helps you improve your life in a certain way. And that’s what I’m here to do, improve people’s lives through real estate.

I’m not here to feed you bullshit. I don’t say what I need to say to get real estate clients. I tell the truth. I point people in the right direction if there is a certain area of their life they need to improve before taking the next step. I want to make sure that you are making the right decision for you, while also opening your mind to different ways that you can purchase property throughout your life. Because it is possible for everyone.

You have to be open to change to start moving closer to buying your first property, moving into that neighborhood you always dreamed of or making that big move to a new city for your career.

I don’t want to hear every excuse about how your boss sucks and won’t give you a raise or how you didn’t have a trust fund like your best friend from pre-school did. Don’t worry about their shit, worry about yours. Don’t waste your mental energy on things you can’t change, because guess what, repeating that to yourself over and over again isn’t going to change anything. It’s just not.

Something isn’t magically going to happen years down the line where everything starts to fall in place. You have to put it in place. I have people coming up to me everyday with pre-approvals they don’t know what to do with, low credit scores or down payments that are less than the average 20%. They are confused, lost and discouraged because this isn’t what they were hoping for and they are shocked when pulling the numbers. But here’s what I tell them. The game isn’t over for you yet. You took the first step in making yourself aware of what your situation is. Now we have to look at those to see what homes we can look at or what adjustments we need to make.

Imagine the house/condo/apartment and lifestyle you want. Picture it in your head everyday. Every single day. Then do what it takes to go out there work on your goals and make it fucking happen.


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