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Every person has a particular opinion regarding how to attain the best outcome in terms of adding value to the home for resale, I, Joseph Allaham is a fanatic real estate business with broad views and ideas came up with the website allahamconsultancy.com to visualize the requirements of distinct background people in the United States. Here in this blog, I am up for discussion regarding how you can renovate in terms of adding value to your home for resale.

The major thing to keep in mind is that no matter whichever field you decide to concentrate on, you must make sure that you renovate the budget in relation to the complete value of your home. If the costs are self-effacing in your neighbor, for example, there involves no basic point to install a fancy fireplace for outdoor or a brand new state of the art kitchen because no one in your neighbor has it, and it adds up to more cost than your home price.

• You must consider the street appeal

The street appeal is said to be a term which is likely loved and relished, and there is no kind of doubt that the outside inkling of the house can dramatically impact the saleability. You must begin by deducting back the overgrown trees and plants and replace the tired plants that include the lawn to make your property appear lighter, fresher and spacious.

You can also invest a little bit more of money by resurfacing the cracked driveway, widening and repaving an old oriented footpath, to add an off-street area for parking or can opt for structuring a larger porch in front. Does the fence in the front require replacement or repainting? Likewise, the front, letterbox and garage doors, do they require some kind of changes or renovation? Even the number of the new house in good style can complement the home’s architecture so as to assist to revitalize the exterior of a house.

• Consider revamping your kitchen

The kitchen is said to be the heart of a house for most of the folks and ameliorating its look can definitely assist to uplift the value of your house. It is definitely better if you endow a facelift just by replacing the handles, splashback, and taps.

You must throw away the extras like the water filter, industrial styler lighting or statement pendant or the built-in rubbish bins. Modern kitchens generally endow a cabinetry in three or two distinct colors, therefore you must consider repainting the existing units with harmonized colors.

• Consider upgrading the bathroom

A toilet and second bathroom are generally essential these days, therefore searching a space for them are generally much a given for the savvy renovators. Including a second toilet is the least that most of the homebuyers can expect. However, you must not think that you require spending a fortune on the expensive fittings — there involves several products which are available for the ones having a restricted budget.

You must upgrade the existing bathrooms, rather than getting indulged with new fittings, you are only required to make minor little changes like purchasing a new vanity, purchasing new door knobs, cleaning grout and drawer handles and changing the toilet seat. The water saving measure like the eco-friendly taps and good shower fittings can impress your homebuyers’ dollar wise.

• Maximise your storage

It is considered a big priority for most of the homeowners to look for the probable cranny and nook that can be exceedingly utilized for an extra bit of storage. In smaller houses, this is said to be an absolute must. However, you must remember that the cupboards and shelves do not always require taking up the floor space. Fix the bookshelves or set up the cupboard higher up the floor space.

• Select an apt flooring

Flooring is said one of the essential features in a home and most of the real estate pros advise you to invest good money on this. However, if the new floors are beyond the budget, you must consider sealing and re standing the existing timber floors and getting the carpets cleaned professionally. There involve no point if you keep a linoleum and vinyl unless it appears good and is in nice condition. If there involve particle board underfoot and it is difficult for you to afford the new flooring, you can paint it and cover nicely with captivating rugs.

• Do not forget the outside

Attaching the interior living space to the garden with a roomy terrace or deck adds value to the house. Constructing an overhead structure to provide considerable protection from rain and sun makes it more desirable. The built-in seating which can double as storage is good and the attractive screen to provide relevant privacy from the neighbors, hide service areas and block wind are very much desirable. You can forget the top of range landscape accessories like the complex water features, spas, pizza ovens and outdoor fireplaces, as these calls to be personal taste and generally not worth the extreme investment for the purpose of resale.

• Maintenance of the home

A flash oriented kitchen will not distract the folks from spotting the rusty gutters, dripping tap and leaky windows. The houses which display good evidence of thorough and regular maintenance are said to be the most saleable ones. You might notice that the ding in the wall, however, the potential buyers will and it will make them think what exactly is wrong with the home. Tiny repairs often do not cost a lot, however, oiling of windows and doors or replacement of the missing tile makes a great difference.

• You must create space:

A good spacious house always in good demand and sometimes the removal of just a non-structural wall can make a great difference helping you feel open and good. However, you must check with the builder in relation to the cost first as the load bearing walls are not at all cheap to move and hence you will require a building consent.

If there is a lot of storage space in the kitchen then you might just consider taking the island unit out to better connect the room with other living spaces, or just replace it with an island that is movable. Moreover, if you are keen enough to include another bedroom, you must look carefully at the existing portions of the home like another bedroom, hot water cupboard, wardrobes and the hallway and laundry to visualize if it is possible enough to steal some amount of space from them without moving any structural wall.

Joseph Allaham, is the founder and director of Allaham Consultancy — a diversified real estate consultancy firm in the United States of America.


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