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Blinds as “zashtorivanie” window openings no one surprises. This is a common design of windows in office rooms, in city and country apartments. How do these “curtains” help out, when you need to darken the room a little during the midday sleep of the child, or be shielded from the curious looks of passers-by in the evening. And how annoying it is if the llamas accidentally break when watering flowers or quickly opening the sash of a window. A wash panels — a separate red line in the list of household chores. But a complex cleaning is not an excuse to completely abandon the blinds.

The optimal solution is built-in blinds, which retain all the useful properties of conventional, but at the same time eliminate the time-consuming and regular maintenance. Plastic windows with shutters inside are the right choice, and to be sure of this, we will understand with the pros and cons of the design, in the features of the mechanism control.

Panoramic windows are equipped with built-in shutters, this is very convenient

Built-in blinds — 
A unique design in which the slats are placed inside an integral blinds for bifold doors window or located between the inner and outer doors of a detachable window unit (internal blinds). Lamels freely rotate, rise to any level and smoothly control the flow of light. Are made mainly from light alloy duralumin, they are covered with a decorative laminating film

Double-glazed windows on window with balcony with built-in blinds


  1. durability — closed design keeps the plates from mechanical damage, so that their service life is extended to 80 years without loss of aesthetic qualities;
  2. Aluminum lamellas do not deform from changes in temperature.
  3. lack of contact with the environment — provides protection from dust and harmful substances in the air.
  4. No maintenance is necessary — the hermetic keeping of the blinds in the insulating glass protects the construction from dust, soot, splashes of dirty water and protects against accidental damage during washing.
  5. aesthetic appearance — internal blinds can be a detail of the design of the room or act as an independent decorative element due to a variety of color palette, perforation or decorative coating.
  6. Do not require additional dense curtains or curtains to decorate the window opening.
  7. Inter room blinds quietly open and close, do not rumble from drafts.
Do not wash, wash, take care of the blinds on the ceiling windows of the attic


  1. Cost — inter room blinds have an increased price, which is due to complex technological processes in production, the use of electronic mechanisms for the operation of certain types of construction.
  2. Impossibility of self-replacement — built-in blinds exclude the possibility of independent repair or replacement due to special requirements to the technological process.

In which rooms it is recommended to install: useful advice.

If desired, it is possible to put all the windows with built-in shutters in the apartment. However, the high price of the mechanisms, the expediency of this detail in the interior lead to the need for taking a weighted decision.

The kitchen is a special micro climate with high humidity, temperature drops and splashes of water, grease, soot. Interminable blinds or built-in will allow easy and comfortable maintenance of order in the kitchen. There will be no interference to the placement of elegant flower pots on the windowsill and the opening of the window leaflets, there is free access for washing the windows.

Children’s — in addition to the fact that it is possible to smoothly adjust the natural lighting of the children’s room, you do not have to worry that a child can accidentally damage the lamellae during the game. In addition, an additional source of dust to the room where there are many soft toys is eliminated.

Balcony — an exceptional option for remote control of the lighting level in the rooms and the chance to decorate the window opening in any style and color without tie to the shade of the lamella. The type of blinds inside the glass unit on the balcony can be chosen based on the design of the balcony.

Living room — a way to emphasize the style of the interior (high-tech, loft), eliminate the need to curtain the windows with thick curtains on the lower floors.

When the window group does not need curtains, but not against blackout

Partition in the office — blinds inside the double-glazed windows will create, if necessary, the effect of isolation of individual rooms, and a special built-in arrangement will not create any inconvenience for the movement of employees.

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Mechanism control: types and brief characteristics

The control mechanism for blinds for comfortable use is displayed outside. Several types of control device, built-in double-glazed windows, give the opportunity to choose your favorite option.


By means of a cord — similar to a conventional control system — the movement of the cord raises and lowers the internal louver, regulates the luminous flux;
rotating button (located on the window frame) — the amount of light flux is regulated by turning the slats, but there are no modes of lifting / lowering the blinds inside the insulating glass unit.


Magnetic handles — regulate the lifting / lowering of the slats and their rotation (carried out by various handles, by their movement along the guides along the window opening).


Connecting to the power supply allows you to control the level of the slats, as well as their rotation. It is very practical when installing on a balcony — it is possible to set the position of slats from the room using the remote control. When connecting to the “smart house” system, it is really possible to automatically program the layout of the panels at any time of the day.

Built-in blinds have all the attributes of modern window decor — practicality, conciseness, unpretentiousness in care and benefit from conventional curtains and tulle in many other indicators

Interestingly decorated slats can turn a room into a stylish picture from a popular magazine and uniquely create a cozy cool atmosphere in the room on a hot, sunny day.


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