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Today’s senior citizens have more in home care choices available to them than before. When their physical abilities begin to decrease, more and more seniors are deciding to get help in the convenience of their own homes. Home care is considered by many to be one of the most desirable choices since it allows elders to keep their independence while remaining where they feel most comfortable.

One of the most hard obstacles you face when looking after an aging moms and dad is finding an excellent, quality home care company. Whether you need full-time support or a little extra assistance when you can’t exist, hiring a home care company is a serious decision. Similar to any other significant life choice, there are lots of risks to keep an eye out for when employing house care assistance. On the surface, numerous home care companies seem to be the very same. With many offered options, how do you discover the very best suitable for your loved one?

To aid with this task, we have provided the following list of concerns to ask each home care company you think about for your liked one. If they can’t answer these questions to your satisfaction, then you must consider dealing with a different company.

Are your caregivers bonded and insured?

Believe it or not, lots of house care business have minimal insurance coverage while others have none at all. Most house care business carry liability coverage for individual injuries and home damage. However, it is necessary that the business is bonded. Bonded means the company offers defense to the customer if the caretaker steals from them.

Providing service since 1999, Family Staffing Solutions’ Caregivers are Bonded, Insured, and Supervised. They are also evaluated as part of our Quality Assurance Standard of Care for your family.

How extensive are your background checks?

Unfortunately, there are some deceitful people in this world. The last thing you wish to do is to permit them into your home. It is vital that you ask about the background checks the company performs on their caregivers. Due to the fact that unpleasant characters move from place to place, it’s crucial that you learn about the caregiver on a nationwide scale. Likewise, make sure to ask the agency if they conduct referral checks.

At Family Staffing Solutions, Inc., we take pride in hiring Exceptional Caregivers. To become a part of our team, each candidate must go thru a thorough screening process starting with completing our application process in person.

Once a candidate has completed their application at the local office and an initial assessment has been completed, signed authorization by the candidate allows Family Staffing Solutions to conduct the following Background Checks:

National and Local Criminal Background, Abuse Registry, Sex Offender Registry, Department of Public Safety

We also require:

  • Verification of Car Insurance
  • Professional and Personal references.
  • Pre-Employment and Random Drug Testing

Are your caregivers employees or contractors?

There are different kinds of house care business(companies, referral services, computer system registries, and individuals ). The advantage with dealing with business that work with staff members is that they work with and pay their employees straight. All workers are covered by work comp and liability laws of your state. Employers are subject to Social Security, Federal Tax, and Medicare withholding, and suitable state and local earnings taxes. It’s essential to comprehend your commitments when employing a house care agency.

The Caregivers of Family Staffing Solutions are our employees and therefore we are directly responsible for Payroll, all taxes and withholdings, Social Security, and Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

Exactly what is the company’s replacement policy?

Despite everyone’s finest efforts the customer and caretaker’s personalities might clash. For the most parts, a good home care company will supply you with as lots of replacements as required. Have a discussion about “exactly what if”situations and see how the business responds. Preferably they will take your concerns extremely seriously and act as an intermediary to solve the dispute rapidly and effectively.

At Family Staffing Solutions, our services are personalized to match the unique needs of each client and family. Our caregivers have the skills, the understanding, and the heart to care for your family. We encourage you to partner in the selection of a caregiver to find the right fit for your family as well as work together with us to maximize their time with your loved one.

We call our employees “Friends.” That is exactly the relationship we want you and your loved one to nourish and enjoy with our caregivers.

What happens if I have an issue of issue after business hours?

In Home care is a 24/7 service. The general rule is that worst case scenarios occur during the nights, weekends, or vacations. You want your firm to have a very clear process for managing issues beyond their routine business hours. Some companies use addressing services while a couple of agencies will have a dedicated team member to field”calls after “hours. With today’s innovation there is absolutely no factor you shouldn’t have the ability to reach the company in case of an emergency situation. Ask ways to call them and see how they react.

At Family Staffing Solutions:

  • Your phone call will be answered by a member of our staff, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.
  • Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays.
  • Emergency staffing is available in crisis situations.


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