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Working from home is something for freelancers . Do bosses have so little confidence in their employees? Why is it so rare? Research, published in Forbes, shows that you are actually happier and more productive when you work at home. The survey from which these data appeared, has decreased among 200,000 people. The homeworkers among the participants gave their happiness at work an average score of 8.1 while people working in the office gave a rating score of 7.4 on average. If you decide to work from home successfully, follow these rules;

1. Discipline

Working from home sounds very attractive, because you might save a whole weekday. You no longer have commuter traffic. Nevertheless, it can make you get up from your bed in your pajamas or sweatpants with a cup of coffee behind your desk. You can sleep late if you like without anybody to challenge you. While it offers some goddies, Working from home starts with discipline if you need to move forward.

2. Single-tasking

Make a list with a number of actions per day, which will give you satisfaction when they are completed. Completing is important because stress is caused by the activities that remai. Although women in particular prove to be very good at multitasking, it is better to complete one for a task.

3. Attention

Plan your hours consciously, both work and private. Train yourself to switch with an imaginary on and off button in your head. An hour of work is an hour of work. If you also do private business that day or take care of your child , let go of your thoughts. Those thoughts are for the hour . Whether it is work or private business, do it with your full attention.

4. Concentration

Family and friends often have to get used to being at work at home. Suddenly they are at the door and you head off again for an hour with coffee. Be clear that you are at work and keep the visit deliberate or short. This also applies to all other distractions: laundry in between, groceries, Facebook, other nice internet sites, etc. Be aware of it and see this as side issues, where you can fill short breaks if you have completed a case of your action list. Continue to focus on your main issues.

5. Respect

If you choose to work in the evenings or weekends, respect the private time of your colleague. Put your e-mails on hold and send them the morning of the next business day. In this way you do not infringe on the Work-Life balance of the other person and do not have to check every time that you have already received an answer. That also creates peace in your head.

7. Social control

There are company cultures in which you are expected to be available day and night. There are also career enthusiasts who would like to show that they are busy outside office hours as well. Consider whether you want to belong to it. It is important that you have the freedom to determine the limits of your own Work-Life balance. Home working also includes concepts such as flexibility and the freedom to organize your own time.

8. Move it!

Sitting for a long time may not be healthy. Reward yourself after completing a task by just moving. If shopping or exercising takes too much time, you can also do some stretching exercises at your desk. Or put the music hard and dance in the room. After all, there is no colleague who sees it.
 9. Workplace

Finally, create a workplace that invites you to start. Whether it is a separate study room or a separate table in your living room, make sure your workplace is ready. A comfortable chair, bright lighting, a fast computer, all contribute to working from home successfully. Be a good employer for yourself and provide a good infrastructure with as little start-up problems as possible.


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