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The summer is a prime time of the year for home renovations in Minnesota. The weather is nice and it’s the perfect time to hire a contractor for your pressing renovation projects.

When you’re ready to make improvements to your home, it’s time to call the right remodeling contractor in Minnesota. There are several great renovations you can wrap up into one package for the summer season. Here are some of the top home renovations to complete this summer.

Add a Deck or Add onto Your Deck

If you don’t have a deck already, the summer is the right time to add a deck to your home. Those with a deck may want to consider adding more space to that deck. With the right deck design, you’ll have the perfect place to relax, entertain and enjoy the beautiful weather this summer season.

Add a Fire Pit

While you’re having your remodeling contractor work on your deck, why not have them add a custom fire pit to your backyard? A fire pit offers a great place to enjoy the outdoors at night during the summer. Imagine roasting hot dogs and making s’mores with the kids on the perfect summer night.

In addition, a fire pit allows you to enjoy your outdoor space longer. When fall comes around and the air gets a bit crisp and cold, you can still head outside to relax around the fire.

Redo Your Bathroom

The summer is one of the best times of year to update your bathroom. A bathroom remodel allows you to get the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of with all the spa-like qualities you desire. Doing this project in the summer allows you to have it done and ready for the fall and winter holiday season.

In addition, you can have the contractor come and work in the bathroom while you’re away at the lake house or on vacation. This adds another element of convenience as the project can be done while you’re not even there.

Clean and Repair the Gutters

The winter can be harsh and can cause all types of issues with your gutters and roof. The summer season is the perfect time to have the gutters cleaned, repaired and the roof inspected. When you have a professional come deal with your gutters, you’ll be sure they will catch any issues causing problems for your roof.

Clogged gutters can lead to roof damage. Getting your gutters cleaned and repaired is a great way to help prevent any issues with your roof. It’s best to have this done twice a year and the summer is one of the perfect times to get it done. You’ll want to schedule another cleaning later in the fall after the leaves have all fallen and before the winter arrives.

Get New Windows

Trying to replace your windows in any other season of the year may be an incredible chore. The summer season is the perfect time to replace your windows and upgrade to something better. With new windows, you’ll be ready for the winter again and more heat will stay in the home this year.

Renovate the Kitchen

Just like with redoing the bathroom, the kitchen can be worked on while you’re away on vacation. Renovating the kitchen in the summer allows you the opportunity to enjoy life without the inconvenience. Even if you don’t go on vacation, you can grill out more during the remodel and you won’t have to worry about the difficulty of going without a kitchen for several days or weeks.

The summer makes for the perfect time for a kitchen renovation project. You’ll have the perfect excuse to dine on the patio and it’s much easier to dine al fresco in the summer than any other time of the year.

Paint Your Home

The best time to handle paint project sis during warm and dry weather. The summer makes for the perfect time for both interior and exterior house painting projects. The weather makes it easy to open windows and enjoy the necessary ventilation.

Again, you can also have the interior of your home painted while you’re away on vacation. Have the painters come while you’re gone and you get to come home to a freshly painted home ready for you to enjoy.

Hiring the right remodeling contractor in Minnesota will allow you to get more done this summer. You can schedule all of your remodeling projects, both big and small, with the same contractor to ensure everything is done just as you prefer this summer season.

Article provided by Home Building & Remodeling Experts in Plymouth, MN.


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