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Decorating a small house is no easy task: here are our top 5 tips to do it in the smartest way possible!

Do you live in a small house, or are you about to move into one? It can be tricky to find the right decoration for tiny homes, since we have to really smart when it comes to managing the space we have available if we want to create a comfortable environment. In fact, when dealing with small spaces, it often happens to slip on judgment mistakes, transforming a tiny house with great potential in a cluster of random home décor choices. The interiors of a small size must be well calibrated, avoiding the superfluous and maximizing the space available. Here are our top 5 tips for you to follow, to avoid the most common mistakes in furnishing small houses.

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Stay away from excessive mix & match

Mixing different styles in home décor may be trendy, but it is not advisable for a small size house. Itty bitty interiors prefer a homogeneous style and you should definitely start practicing decluttering, which is the Scandinavian art of eliminating the superfluous. We are not suggesting you should have a boring and monotonous interior design: you simply have to be a little more careful when making choices about combining very different colors or styles with furniture.

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Be careful with dark colors

A simple and effective trick to give a wide breath to the interior design even when the space is not very large, is to choose light shades of color for walls, floors and furniture in general. Neutral shades, or shades belonging to the pastel colors palette are ideal for creating the illusion of a more spacious and airy space. Therefore, it would be better to avoid dark colors as much as possible, and when you do want to use them, to be very careful about how you balance them out with the rest of the décor.

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Make the most out of your walls

Speaking of illusions, the number one trick interior designers use to visually enlarge a small size room is to decorate the walls. It may seem to you like paintings, mirrors and frames will make your tiny interiors look cramped, but the final effect will show you just the opposite. The most effective wall decoration in making a space look bigger is undoubtedly the mirror. By placing one or two in a room, it will be like opening a window overlooking another room. The important thing is not to keep the wall on the other side completely empty, since dynamism is a very important element even for the mirror reflection.

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Pay attention to dark corners

Lighting design also plays a fundamental role in the decoration of small size interiors. A tiny room requires a wise and smart positioning of the artificial light sources: this is the only way to create a welcoming environment which won’t make us feel oppressed. Natural light is of vital importance to make a space look larger and more pleasant, but, when this factor is lacking, artificial lighting design can come to our rescue. Instead of just one big chandelier coming down from the ceiling, you could go for multiple light sources. Abat-jours, floor lamps and adjustable spotlights will create an arabesque of lights that will reach any dark corner in the room. Once they are well illuminated, you will find out how much space you were not exploiting in those previously dark nooks.

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Don’t give up plants, flowers and greenery

Many develop the common misconception that plants take away too much space in small environments, so they start believing they should never include them in a tiny house. But this is a false common place. Plants and flowers are able to make any room breath, both literally and metaphorically: not only do they release oxygen in the air, but they also bring a lively and joyful vibe to your home interiors. Do not hesitate to combine big leaves plants with flowers and cacti, and have fun choosing the vases and pots that will host them. The interior design of your small size house will benefit from plants, as will your mood: flowers and plants are well-known to have a positive effect on our mind and soul.

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