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Problems dealing with a small kitchen? Follow our top 10 ideas for a small kitchen and all your troubles will just melt away!

It is undeniable: if you live in an apartment in the city centre, the two smallest rooms will be the purely functional rooms, that is to say the kitchen and the bathroom. Now, as far as the bathroom goes, there are plenty of solutions that can help you save space. But what about the kitchen? Worry not, because there are so many countermeasures you can take here as well! Having a small kitchen can be tricky, as ideally, it is in fact a room where you would need a lot of space: whenever you are cooking, you need to be able to move around quickly without bumping into any furniture, for instance. Of course, this also depends on how much you actually use your kitchen: say that the only time you spend there is 5 minutes in the morning for a quick breakfast and 10 in the evening for a microwaved dinner, your kitchen may even be fit for a chef, but you are never going to explore its potential. Be that as it may, it is always good knowing you are going to walk into an airy kitchen! Ready to learn how to free all its potential?

A professional, country-style kitchen by Nolte

Sleek tile backsplash

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sleek tile backsplash in their kitchen? Now, there is an infinite number of tile backsplash designs out there, because it always feels nice to play with bold colors, contrast, color-blocking and graphic designs. However, if your kitchen is small, you may find out that an extremely colorful or bold tile backsplash ends up actually making your kitchen appear even smaller than it is. Does this mean you have to give up your beautiful tile backsplash? Of course not! There are two things you need to do here. First of all, select an extremely sleek tile: the idea would be a tile that is as sleek as a majolica tile, but without all the heavy decorations that characterize this particular style (bear with us). Then, make sure you select a bright, light color. Of course, the golden rule still is: when in doubt, choose white.

You are going to love the sleek tile designs by 41zero42

Shake your tile backsplash up!

Worried your white tile backsplash is going to appear too boring and impersonal? Understandable. So shake it up! One of the most classic yet always striking ways to spice any tile design is the timeless, evergreen herringbone pattern. It is going to add lots of movement and dynamism to your backsplash, making your whole kitchen appear way less static. Make sure you only apply it to one wall and not all four, though: you don’t want to risk having your head starting to spin every time you step into your kitchen. Also, if you want to spice it up even more, why don’t you take inspiration from this picture? Place your tile backsplash over a contrasting wall for some graphic color-blocking.

We are already in love with Tonalite, aren’t you?

Eye-catching vent hood

Now, we are aware the kitchen we are showing you is not exactly small but in fact, quite the opposite; still, there is a detail that has all the potential to be extremely useful in a small kitchen too: take a look at the vent hoods. Do you notice they are cylindrical? A cylindrical vent hood (or a couple, like in this kitchen) is an extremely smart solution for a small kitchen. First of all, they actually do not take up as much space as traditional hoods (which normally has a large, rectangular base). Moreover, a cylindrical vent hood will shoot up towards the ceiling, thus making it appear much higher than it actually is. Remember, the devil is in the details: even a purely functional item like the vent hood can help you make your small kitchen look super spacious.

There a few kitchen brands that can be as versatile as Cesar

Color coordination

Remember what we were saying about employing light colors and understated sleek tiles? We do believe this to be the best solution, however, we also understand this may not be exactly everyone’s cup of tea. So in the end, if you still do want to have lots of color in your small kitchen, go ahead and fill it with colors! Our suggestion in this case is to be really mindful of color coordination, though: a coordinated and well-planned color scheme is going to add harmony to your kitchen. It may no make it appear larger, but it will certainly turn it into a tidy and coherent space.

A small, functional kitchen layout by Evidência

Nude light bulbs

It is a fairly common choice to select pendant lights for your kitchen, especially if you also happen to have a kitchen island over which to hang them. However, not every pendant light design is going to fit perfectly inside a small kitchen. We all love statement lights and chandeliers, but a huge chandelier in a small space is going to have what we’ll call the “Alice in Wonderland” effect: it’s going to seem extremely disproportionate compared to its surroundings — exactly as when Alice grew up all of a sudden and ended up looking like a giant stuck in doll’s house. So what is a great compromise? Nude light bulbs! Not only do they easily fit inside any context, they are also going to add a touch of hip informality to your kitchen.

Explore the bright world of NUD Collection!

Consider a corner sink…

A corner kitchen might very well be the ideal solution if you only have very limited space on your countertops. In fact, the corner of countertops is rarely, if ever, used, as it is not an ideal spot for food preparing. It might become the ideal spot to do your dishes, though!

A brushed brass sink designed by the classic, timeless brand Officine Gullo

…and cover it up!

We bet you didn’t think of this one: a sink you can easily cover when you’re not using it in order to maximize your countertops’ potential! Even a corner sink will take up loads of space, especially if it’s double! However, you can always have a custom lid made, so that, when you are not doing the dishes, you can slide it over the sink and employ it as an additional surface. If you get a wooden lid, you can even use it as a super handy cutting board!

This smart corner sink by Apell is pretty handy, right?

Ditch handles

We’ll be honest: we actually love handles. In fact, we think it is crazy to take all handles off the cabinets of a decently-sized kitchen: give it a couple of days, and those handleless doors will be literally covered in dirty fingerprints. However, if you have a small kitchen it is an option you should consider. An apparently seamless string of cabinets is going to add a minimal touch to the kitchen, making it appear more spacious as a result.

Neat kitchen cabinets and drawers by EVABOX

Slimmer fridge

Choosing a slimmer refrigerator is another space-saving solution you should definitely consider. After all, do you really need one of those double-door fridges? Look at it this way: you’ll finally have a very concrete motivation to start that diet you’ve been putting off since your New Year’s propositions.

If you need functional, modular furniture, then Henn may be the brand for you!

Wall lamps

If pendant lights don’t convince you, but you still want a decorative type of lighting solution, then do consider a few wall lamps. They don’t necessarily need to be appliques that stay ultra-flat on your walls, but they should be characterized by a pretty minimal design, because believe us, “less is more” is even truer in a small space.

Get ready to fall in love with every single lovely lamp by Tekna!


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