Home : Tired of looking at cracks, chips, stains and uneven surfaces on your garage floor?

Tired of looking at cracks, chips, stains and uneven surfaces on your garage floor? Not only are things like that unattractive, more importantly they create an unsafe environment for your family and friends. Maybe looking into renovating your garage floor is a pretty good idea? No one needs to tell you when your floor needs some upgrade, you can see it for yourself but consider the following points before you hire a professional to do it.

  1. Will you be staying in the same house for more than 5 years?
  2. Do you or anyone in your house hold have allergies to the chemicals or fumes that may be used during or after the work is done?
  3. Is your floor going to actually be smoothed? Or just covered or painted over?
  4. Are there stains that will not come up creating a safety hazard and lowering the value of your home?
  5. Are there bugs, dust, and debris collecting in cracks and chips in the floor?

If you answered yes to 3 or more of the above questions, then it may be time to consider a new garage floor.

Call Garaginization to get an honest quote and ETA for getting 1st class garage floor. We offer several different floor coatings such Epoxy, Polyaspartic / Polyurea and Polyurethane floor coatings.

Garaginization can professionally install high quality and long lasting garage flooring. Our garage floors can be easily cleaned with household cleaners and best of all they look great and increase the value of your home.

Call (214) 230–2294 to find out just how easy and affordable getting a new garage floor can be. Or visit our site at https://garaginization.com for more info.


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