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As a seller, your intentions are fairly simple, right? Sell your house, fast, for a ton of money. However, the thought of seller preparations can be really stressful. They aren’t mandatory, of course, but your house will be more saleable than a comparable house whose homeowner doesn’t do these things. It’ll put you, undoubtedly, in a better position to sell for more, faster.

Home for Resale


I’m not going to sugar-coat it — this takes some work. But you are planning to move, right? Just think of these seller tips as a jumpstart — a springboard for motivation and a head start on packing up for your move. Sound better? Start your checklist and get to it!

Curb appeal

You have only one chance for a good first impression. Walk outside your home and try to look at it through a buyer’s lens. Can you make small improvements? Added flower pots? Painting a chipped mailbox?

Take care of any needed repairs

Upgrade counter tops in kitchen. Upgrade vanity in bathroom. Update fixtures and details like ceiling fans, light fixtures, cabinet fronts & knobs, and faucet fixtures.

What you love is not what your buyer loves

These potential buyers are trying to envision themselves in your home, so that 20 piece family photo shrine has got to go — and take with it the red walls and themed decor. Show the buyer that they can make it their own by storing the family heirlooms in well-marked boxes stacked neatly in the garage. Neutralize anything that might be distasteful to the buyer, and minimize personalization. When you de-personalize a home, you’re allowing the buyer to envision themselves in your home, so box up the kid’s artwork and nick- knacks to put in your new home.

  • ​A clean, well-maintained house has the potential to gain you more profit. There is an actual price on elbow grease, and it’s in the triple digits. That in mind — fixing that dreaded faucet now will be far more affordable than being required to hire a professional during escrow and repair negotiations. ​

Price your home right

Your home shines the brightest and attracts the most attention during the first few days on the market. If you overprice your home then the right buyer will never see it. It won’t even come up in their search results. And even worse, a listing that stagnates on the market leads buyers to question — “What’s wrong with it?”

Marketing your home

Marketing is such an important component to selling your home for more; it has to be mentioned here. You need professional photography, and then boost your home through MagicBricks, Housing.com, QuikrHomes, 99acres, social media sites.

Day of listing (and until you enter escrow with an accepted offer): Keep your home maintained. Sellers usually hate last minute showings, but please be as flexible as you can. If you don’t allow the buyer to see the home when it’s convenient for them, they may pass on seeing your home altogether.


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