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A warm, relaxing home design is graceful and yes, it can and should be very feminine: the epitome of harmony. How? Let’s find out!

We all know very well how a woman’s touch can only bring positive improvements to every room of the house. Even those who don’t belong to the fairer sex can appreciate the styling ideas that women only are able to bring to home décor. We will tell you all about the ways in which a woman’s touch can improve your interior design with elegance and taste, without necessarily transforming every room in an explosion of pink details and lacy accessories. Furnishing a home inspired by femininity can help to add brightness and vitality to the rooms.

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Listening to your feminine side when making decision about home décor, can help you combine design and functionality, without having one overcome the other. A woman’s touch is about balance and harmony, it is about serenity and order, about beauty and gracefulness. Then of course, the feminine touch is always different, according to the specific woman’s personality. A woman’s touch is about the little details that make a room special and unforgettable, just like the woman who inspired it.

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What does it take for a design to be feminine?

There are different ways to express femininity in a room’s decoration, but even though we may not be women ourselves, we should all listen to our most sensitive and sophisticated taste, whether we are planning on making a few changes in our home décor or completely renovating it instead. Here are some tips on how to let your feminine side rise and shine, to guide you in creating an environment with an unmistakable woman’s touch. Forget the stereotypes about pink and glossy colors, because a feminine design has a lot more to do with the variety of tones, the shapes of the furniture, the most glamorous trends, the use of combinations and contrasts, the tasteful choice of materials, patterns and textures.

Colorful and comfy furniture by 366 Concept

We could say that a design can be considered “feminine” when it succeeds in being communicative, evocative and emotional. Of course, the womanly personality of certainstyles is more obvious than others, and this is because some choices and some combinations have such characteristics that make us immediately think of a woman’s touch. Keep in mind that the term “feminine” should not be considered a limitation for men, because it symbolizes a state of mind, a feeling, a sensitivity.

Pops of black on bright yellow: a spectacular combination by XLINE

Materials and fabrics for a feminine décor

The materials most frequently used to achieve a feminine style are certainly the most refined and elegant ones, because all women love being glamorous and fashionable in every aspect of their life. What you need to keep in mind here is that fabrics have to express luxury, class, glamour. This kind of effect can be achieved through rich materials, detailed fabrics with something special and unique to them. Designs will have to look seductive, in order to become part of charming home décor and create an unforgettable style. Classic style design is particularly suitable for rich fabrics with damask decorations, or shiny silks and soft velvets. Those fabrics can create a dreamy atmosphere in every room, like a beautiful woman in a classy evening gown.

Soft blankets by Teixidors

Shapes and lines that evoke femininity

Soft and round lines are always associated with femininity, since they evoke harmony, equilibrium and tenderness. These shapes can also be used to create delightful geometric contrasts, as it often happens in modern and minimal environments. A smart way to make your interiors dynamic, without needing to dramatically change the rooms arrangement, is to play with ornaments and small decorative elements. They will allow you to express your personality: let your creativity go wild and make it your guide when choosing these elements. You can have fun combining different shapes and textures: bring together rigid and soft elements, trying to balance them in the most harmonic way possible. A feminine style also allows you to get inspired by various styles to decorate your rooms: you can go from the Bohemian style to rustic, from modern minimalism to the Provencal taste, from classic to contemporary, and so on.

Soft lines by LaborLegno

Not only pink

We have already mentioned it, but it is worth emphasizing it again: adding a woman’s touch to your rooms does not mean that you have to use pink everywhere. Surely a delicate pink can be elegant and sophisticated, but do not abuse it! The feminine charm is expressed also through the use of other soft and subtle shades, through pastel colors and light nuances. The characteristic that determines the degree of femininity, so to speak, lies in the way those tints are combined and harmonized in every interior: maybe emphasizing the tone-on-tone effect, or highlighting the soft colors by creating dynamic contrast.

Cute marble creations by Mmairo

The deep brown of a leather sofa can be very feminine and sensual too, especially if wisely combined with furniture that makes it stand out in all of its elegance. We should know by now that women go beyond being sweet and tender. It is true that many feminine environments tend to convey a sense of calm and serenity, but you can also go for a different atmosphere, making combinations with bright colors or dark shades, in order to give more personality to an environment, and make sure to create visual appeal for a particular spot in the room. The light color shades blend perfectly with dark browns, intense blues or geometric patterns. On the other hand, a female room is often full of vitality, and to do this you can resort to combinations that recall the Pop style or take inspiration from the fashion world.

Timeless class: Fendi Casa


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