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Take a look inside Estated’s quest to offer the most comprehensive, advanced property report on the market.

The success of property reports and similar products that offer easily accessible property information has positioned real estate technology as a data-centric industry.

With established and corporatized sites like Zillow and Trulia being benchmarks of an already established model, there is already plenty of room for another generation of real estate services centered around more accurate and robust property data to fill in the gaps of the home-buying experience. After all, approximately 5 million homes are purchased each year in the US, yet the industry at large continues to rely on the same traditional offline methods of resources and information when making the largest purchase of our lives.

Estated takes advantage of this evolution by offering what other sites can’t offer. We’ve aggregated the most accurate and up to date data and have presented it in the most streamlined way possible to make for the ultimate aid to the home-buying process.

We have been collecting public, private, local, online, and offline data for well over a year now and have leveraged it all into a significantly stronger report. There are 125,000,000 homes consumers can access from our database, and not only can consumers now look at 10x more properties, they can make 10x better decisions when it comes to the largest purchase of their life.

The increasingly popular step of viewing property reports and it’s place in the home-buying process points to a completely changed process altogether. There has never been this level of public access to property records, area data, demographic statistics and market trends available in free and accessible formats.

With a homebuyer report you’ll know more about the home you’re purchasing, giving you a competitive edge to negotiate for the best price and terms — and just as importantly — spot any red flags before it’s too late. That’s why more and more home buyers throughout the U.S. are going online to do their own research by obtaining in-depth, customized home buying reports, rather than relying on a real estate agent pulling data off of the MLS to do it for them.

In fact, the single biggest mistake home buyers make is to look only at the sales comparables they are given for the home they’re interested in buying and nothing else. The report a real estate agent provides you might contain data on recent sales, asking prices for homes currently on the market, price per square foot, and days on market, at the very most.

While all of this is good to know, there’s a lot of other valuable information that goes into choosing the home that’s right for you. Having real-time, online access to information such as property valuations, data on the current homeowner, demographics of the neighborhood, interactive maps and tools, and market trends and patterns is critical to determining how much the home you’re thinking about buying is actually worth to you.

Home buyer reports play a critical role in the process of buying a house, but not all home buying reports are created equal. The real estate market is dynamic and constantly changing and most companies or applications that offer property reports aren’t nimble enough to stay on top of everything.


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