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The time has finally come that I’ll be moving out of my place. I’ve lived here for 2 and a half years and I’m going to miss it a lot. Primarily I’ll miss the location and being so close to Park City, out of the crowds and smog that plagues nearby surroundings. However, there are a bunch of things I won’t miss and here are 7 of them for you:

#1: Construction

I can’t recount a day for you that there wasn’t construction going on around me all the time. Huge cranes and trucks going up and down the streets right in front of my house day in and day out. There were even many weekends on a Sunday afternoon that I had to deal with construction going on behind my house. Not to mention that all the good views that were once apart of my balcony are gone and I’m just surrounded by other units now.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a nice place but the cadence and rhythm of construction is insane. They are always building a new building every day and it’s endlessly annoying. Just imagine the beeping sound of a reversing truck every day outside your window.

#2: Trucks

Speaking of trucks, the trucks are super annoying. Yes the construction trucks are annoying but I’m talking about the trucks going by on the main road out in front of our house. All morning and most nights, their loud engine brakes constantly permeating the walls of my house. If you sit in this house and try to enjoy the quiet for a few minutes, it won’t last and you’ll soon be interrupted by sound of construction or passing trucks.

#3: Shared Wall

This doesn’t mean my neighbors, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever had an issue with neighbors being loud or us causing problems for our neighbors. It’s the fact that my room, the master, shares a wall with the stairs and elevator. So every time someone opens the doors to go up or down the stairs and the door slams shut I can hear it through my wall.

Plus I get to hear the pitter patter of people going up and down, in all hours of the day. It’s painfully annoying some days.

#4: Detached Garage

Having a garage is great, having a detached garage, is eh not so great. Guess what happens when the power goes out — which happens weekly for some strange reason — and you can’t get your car out to get to an appointment? Yeah you have to have a special key to manually open it, which only works some of the time.

I’ve been locked out of my garage a whole bunch of times, and sometimes just have to wait for the power to come back on so I can get in. Super frustrating.

#5: Doors

Every I come home, I open my detached garage, pull in. Have to close the garage. Then walk across the street, often with my hands full of something from my car. I balance whatever I have in one hand, and type in the 4 digit code to get into the building, why they don’t have key fobs no one knows… Then I have to open the first door to go up the stairs. Then go up the stairs. Then the second door to get out of the stairs, and they can’t seem to just let the handles be depressed all the time so you have to turn the handles each time. Then fumble my keys to open the door to my house.

From a security standpoint it’s pretty great, highly unlikely anyone is getting in. From a convenience standpoint it’s super annoying, and often deters you from going out to your car to get the rest of your stuff.

#6: Service

I have AT&T which is pretty good in most places. Not here though. Service is mostly non-existent as we live in this pocket behind the mountains and it’s super annoying. Dropped calls every time I drive to and from my house, so I have to end calls early or wait a few minutes before placing a call while I drive as to not have a terrible experience. I guess that’s just a personal problem, but not having service all the way to or from your house is annoying.

#7: HOA

This is 100% hands down the WORST and MOST RIDICULOUS HOA I have ever seen in my life. They are insane and absurd. The worst offender is the parking situation. Owners here by $400 a month in HOA fees, yeah $400 and we don’t have a gym or pool or hot tub or park or any of that stuff. That just covers the building maintenance and snow removal pretty much. Across the street from the building there are two fairly large guest parking spaces, and they are for guests only, and they are very very very strict about that. However, when you have a 3 bedroom place like I do you aren’t allowed to have 3 cars, it’s ridiculous. So you get one parking space in your garage and another right behind it. So you have to move cars every time you want to get in or out of the garage, it’s incredibly annoying.

Who cares about guests, when we are paying hundreds a month for HOA? No one, it’s absurd and insane. Drives me crazy. So I won’t miss that at all. Everyone here that’s apart of the HOA is nonstop complaining about everything, every little thing. I won’t miss you HOA and I hope everyone moves out of here and bankrupts you.


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