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With Plug and Play concept, that has come from the IT infrastructure, you can instantly connect and things start working. With the same concept in place, plug and play homes can be used instantly from the day one you move into.

These days when you don’t need to go into all the details of building your home from the scratch, you have plenty of options to choose from; you can customize your flat as per your choice, you can book a flat before the construction is started and keep pre-paying the EMI, or you can opt-in for a readymade flat with all the necessities included (a plug and play home).

The tough point arrives when you have a considerable investment money and you’re in a fix between a plug-and-play home or a basic flat to choose.

We’re here to guide through your decision-making process so that you can select the best ones for you.

You should go for a plug-and-play home if:

1. Time constraint

When you’re running busy with your schedule and there is absolutely no bandwidth to plan the interiors of your new flat, you should consider for a plug-and-play home. Remember, time is the real money. So here if you’re saving your time, you’re saving your money.

2. No Interest In Decor And Interiors

If you’ve little, or no interest in decor and interiors, you will end up hiring an interior designer and will leave up to him all the work and imagination as well. If there is going to be zero contribution from your side, it’s better that you should opt-in for a plug and play home.

3. You Need A Complete Picture Of How The Home Would Look Like

Very often, when you visit to see a vacant flat, you look after the square feet area and certain other vastu positioning. But if you’re going for a plug-and-play home, you get the exact clarity of how things would be placed, where would they be placed and how much are would be left. How would you move inside, and all the accessibility if you would have set up on your own.

4. You Can Get Such Homes At Better Negotiation Cost

This idea may not be liked by many people as very often people like to set up their own home their own way. Since for the sellers, there is a narrow pool of buyers, they generally negotiate better and would like to come down to your terms.

5. Pre-Defined Rules and Regulations

Here you would be knowing all the rules and regulations of the society beforehand. So you can better select if the norms go as per your choices or not. If you opt-in for a vacant flat in a new society, you may have to face changing rules and regulations that may not go according to your wishes.


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