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A smartly dressed fellow, hanging from a jeepney’s rafter.

“Yosi boys” expertly weaving their way between vehicles.

A worried looking office-type waiting for a ride. Probably late for work. It is past 10 in the morning after all. I would be worried too.

A traffic enforcer looking mighty busy at the street corner, texting.

High rise office towers to my left. Rust-colored rooftops to my right.

Giant billboards peddling goods that range from luxury watches to hair growth solutions. I can’t believe Fanny Serrano still looked exactly the same as he did 10 years ago! That hair growth product must be really good.

Motorcycles on the road, numbering by the hundreds. Okay, now this is something new. The motorcycles have literally taken over every street in the metro. Vietnam better watch its back.


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