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Unsure about what to do with your awkward tiny balcony? A few cheap and easy pieces will help you squeeze some penthouse veranda sparkle out of that fire escape, no matter how much square footage you’re working with.

Interlocking Deck Panels

Most small apartment balconies come pre-loaded with cold, utilitarian concrete floors. Inexpensive interlocking deck panels don’t require any tools or DIY know-how and provide an instant upgrade as you lay the foundation of a beautiful new balcony.

Rattan Furniture

If you’re on a budget, a small rattan table and chair set is a cost-effective way to give yourself some comfortable outdoor seating that won’t splinter in the sun. Only slightly more expensive than the cheapest iron-and-wood outdoor furniture, rattan remains comfortable for a long time and is built to resist the elements.

Solar String Lights

Just because your balcony doesn’t have a power outlet doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some lovely mood lighting long into the night. A solar-powered string light charges itself during the day, allowing you to harness the sun’s power to prolong your night of drinks on the deck.

Hanging Table (or Hanging Planter)

If you don’t have room for a free-standing table, a hanging table might be just the hero you’re looking for. Built to hook over the side of a balcony ledge, most designs of this versatile and practical patio staple can fold down when not in use. Want to grow some greenery but lack enough floor space? Hanging flower planters are also an excellent choice to make the most out of your railings.


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