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August 4th, 2018

The ferry was full today, so I parked and rode the Bart from Richmond. This usually is no big deal. Train rides are relaxing and the station is easy. I believe many of you would agree. I also love when they are built with the public in mind, and this Bart system is.

Today, we had to switch, train to bus to train, due to construction. It didn’t matter as this was going to be a great day regardless.

Besides, I’d already faced one challenge today with an all in. A poker chip was left waiting in Richmond, I imagined for me, as if to dare. But I was all in, or didn’t they remember?

I’ve been all in since 2015. Well let’s be honest. I’ve been all in since I decided to trust tech.

Dare accepted.

Once in San Francisco walking up the shore, I found myself right where I had been 4 years ago.

4 years.

The same full heart feeling I had for now old “new” friends. Yet, a whole new way to feel another’s hand in my own as I sleep.

A lot can happen in 4 years, though true hearts don’t change. I’m just glad ours connected. This touristy area of our California home has now become a perfect representation, hasn’t it?

The first time up to the beach areas was a wonderful walk, sunny and lively. I suppose I had resisted out of protest from the LA move. I love LA beaches, from Hermosa to Long to Laguna to Santa Monica. You know this, because you followed me around the whole time.

I found myself determined for us to visit there, often. It is going to be so sweet to share that with you.

However I’m also grateful for future memories to be made up here, in this harbor. The relaxed sails are much like Redondo, and my heart felt so connected as I took in this view.

Briefly, our D.C. adventures came to mind.

Gameface on. Why did I ever let that get pulled away? Why did I ever let grit waiver?

Perhaps vulnerability, life events, time, disappointment, true love get so sticky that we forget to have fun in our determination toward end goals.

San Francisco, you’ve got a great Gameface.

Thanks for reminding me of who we are.

I love you, and oh I love this love story.

Missing my family and friends has been a strong sentiment as of late. Too, I don’t understand others who do not feel friends are family. Oh, I’ve observed this my whole life. Yet, when it comes down to the wire, or when I convey the message indirectly, the expanded family definition always resonates and takes hold.

It has been an honor to share that truth, in words and in action, with those who have watched this life story. Most of you observers are friends-now-family too, aren’t you?

San Francisco has a cold, transient business vibe at times, so this friend family truth is a warmth I’m happy to share. And on my way to the Presidio, this exact message came to mind.

The day had started out as a day I missed my sisters, my two nuclear family sisters. I am the people friendly negotiator middle child, not the other dreadfully wrong stereotype. Yes, today I missed my two sisters. I looked up, and I felt that San Francisco in some small way placed a kiss on my heart.

Secretly I told my heart it will be even cooler when they get to meet you.

I’m equally excited for you to meet my friend family. As I continued to just be, with this beautiful gift of a day, I thought of my two best girl friends from Addison.

They joined social media with me, to help alleviate and bring goals to life. I miss them every day, I miss them so much. And my secret heart wants you to know how cool they are in person. They remain looking in on Twitter, while not as active in the process. And that’s okay.

The world is better when we are ourselves, remember?

This beautiful art provided a double family meaning, two kisses placed on my heart, and I felt so lucky to be living with you here.

Next up I found pine cones placed only on one of three tables. I wondered if San Francisco was a peanut butter and seed kind of place — probably.

And I wondered if some of you are peanut butter and seed movers and shakers and thus the pile, or if you just collected them to leave a mysterious message.

One pine cone collection to rule them all.

I decided it was probably this latter likelihood, nerds.

Next up I found myself taking a picture of a cannon and cannon balls, both things I know absolutely nothing about, for the second time in my life.

St. Joseph, Michigan is one of my most favorite places in the world. For some unknown reason, it called to my childhood best friend and I years ago. We took fun pictures, and today those memories all came back.

Another little piece of Midwest match, right here.

Since my first cannon statue pictures I’ve been back to St. Joseph so many times, particularly with a good guy. I am sure you have similar stories of great hearts and I’m glad we’re closer to sharing them together.

I know many of you have never been. Please go, enjoy the wine country and enjoy all of beautiful Michigan.

Take some cannon ball shots while you’re there.

What would it have been like to be a nurse long ago in San Francisco? I’m not sure. It’s funny because I always think about long ago nursing in context of old Chicago, or at times in context of Virginia and New England. I hadn’t given much though to the nuances of long ago nursing in Northern California. This part of today’s walk helped me realize yet another perspective to gain, and another culture to consider.

There had to be a lot of brave nurses in this area, with the climate, industries and little connection to the East Coast. What a great part of the day, being introduced to culture rooted in strength.

Hi back.

More random art met me. A little predictability is good for relationships, so it felt sweet that we’re on the right track, Northern Cali.

Random art 4 eva.

I wondered if mermaid tales up here are strikingly different, and because I fit in your nerd world, I suddenly felt a new appreciation for sea historians.

Like a refreshing lemonade after a neighborhood get together, or like a reboot on an entrepreneurial start up (whatever metaphor sticks), I made it to an open campus space. Similar to a college green, it was relaxed and laid back and everything seemingly opposite of a military grounds.

I thoroughly enjoyed this eclectic environmental personality mix as I headed up for a porch view.

With an exciting epiphany, I found my smile uncontrollable.

As it turns out, there are people out for sun on this green and many are vacationing.

Now that I live here, now that we are residents, we don’t have to be vacationers to this green.

I mean, we can staycation with parks or sailing or Pizza Hut, sure. But vacation? We can travel to new places.

That means you can take me to several sunny, hot beaches. Places where the weathermen put up those steam ray icons. Places with a breeze: not a wind that whips my hair, but a warm breeze that whispers “Pina Colada”. Places where the sun tan chairs can be extended all the way horizontally.

This revelation was thrilling.

Here’s my smile.

Let’s make a deal: Our staycation? Sailing. Our vacation? Anywhere in the world.

Walking south along Arguello Boulevard appeared shorter than it turned out to be, and I was unprepared with impractical footwear. I suddenly found myself wishing for the comfort of a downtown cafe.

Ever appreciative of nature, however, I also took in every detail I could. The pines, the crisp air, the bikers, the gravel.

And to my surprise, a beautiful pine tree called out. I found it similar to one we grew up around in Addison. A tree where the neighborhood kids would meet and hang out.

Did you know I used to climb trees? I did. A lot. The only caveat was that I hated getting dirt everywhere.

One time I found myself stuck.

I remember feeling that same trepidation as summer of 2013 approached, with all that was happening around, with and to me in Chicago.

And like friends waiting and calling out below, you all were there to see me through.

Just like I’ll always be there when you need me.

After I snapped a shot of my new favorite San Francisco tree, I found a poetic song written for us and authored by the Universe.

I’ve successfully made it down that 2013 tree and thank you for seeing me through. Now come take my hand in a dance. Let’s enjoy the beautiful music the Universe is playing for us.

Once in Presidio Heights, I went through Jordan Park, Inner Richmond and Balboa, finding more predictability from you.

Oh San Francisco and Northern California. The more the gamers strike my heart, the more I love you.

I’m not sure if you realize how diversely beautiful the places of worship are in San Francisco, and in all of California. Each one is unique, each stands in confidence and every single one is gorgeous.

I have no desire to dictate to another who or what to worship, because like many I believe to each his and her own. I do, however, have a desire to ensure that all get to practice their faiths in peace, and in equality.

San Francisco, I am glad you feel the same. What a welcoming place to be.

Headed back to the the Muni, I was again reminded that even heroes live in harmony here. In my mind, I found the neon ironic.

As it turns out, some don’t need a bright neon flash to know another needs support. These savvy individuals just keep a close watch, using a strategy in which the results surprise even them.

Keep up the strategies, don’t be surprised by the love.

I also found that San Francisco hasn’t forgotten a wonderful pasttime.

Earlier in the day I’d missed my family and friend family so much, but here with the wiffle sales it seemed that longing was eased.

I didn’t reflect on these moments to be self centered. No, I reflected on them to gain understanding, and to appreciate a city and Bay area that found discreet ways to help newcomers be at home.

As I boarded the Bart and then bus and then Bart, I found myself in awe of the transportation crew. Holy smokes they were professional and swift.

Bay area, I hope these professionals are respected. They are top notch, and so was the strategy to handle masses. Of course my public health brain started to drift to health planning capabilities, until I reigned it in and remembered this was my day with our story.

It’s a good feeling, though, to know that my new home would let me fit in with all the public health I wanted, as a natural extension of self, even on chill days.

Our story is us, public heart and all.

I talked up the Bay area transportation ease and professionalism so much, I may as well have handed out their business cards. Here, I saved you one.

As the sun was setting and I was reflecting, I remembered DC again. That amazing train system DC has, the fun post I shared on Risky Business in 2014, the hopes and heart…..it all came back with these tunnel lights. I had to capture the moment.

I kind of miss those days when it was just about social media and chill. Yet, I’m glad for the new experiences, changes and realizations we’ve accomplished since.

And, I’m glad you took the risk with me.

Here I am, sincere with that statement. Don’t be afraid of the sunlight.

I wondered about Bay area train extensions that could take me down to my pink knockouts in San Jose. What a wonderful place, that whole area. I look forward to having my coffee and walks there on some weekends too, perhaps with some of my Silicon Valley sweethearts.

There are times and days when we walk through life thinking about our own place in it. I used to think this was always a little too selfish, and now I know it is okay to have that focus once in awhile. As long as we’re true to our hearts in that they are built for others.

So it was a good day to reflect on the ties that bind.

It was a great day to reflect on getting to know you.

And my sweethearts, I find more and more that I’m getting to hope you like me.


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