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Vastu Shastra is the latest interior design trend from India: a philosophy that will help you make you bedroom more peaceful than ever.

The architectural philosophy Vastu Shastra is the latest interior design trend from India: a philosophy that will help you make you bedroom more relaxing than ever. This discipline teaches us how to achieve health and vitality by optimizing the flows of cosmic energy, called “prana”, within a space. Just like in other eastern cultures, such as the Chinese feng shui, this discipline can easily be applied to interior design, using the knowledge of the centuries for our contemporary home décor. This ancient philosophy is now becoming more and more popular within the interior design community. Here we will list all the tips you need to apply Vastu Shastra is the latest interior design trend from India: a philosophy that will help you make you bedroom more peaceful than ever.

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Open the door to positivity

According to the vastu shastra, the bedroom door opens the way for new opportunities. The door, therefore, should always be able to open completely or at least for 90 degrees, so that the positive energy can flow freely inside the room. A door that does not open completely can create barriers and obstacles in flows of energy, and negatively affect our life.

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Feel peaceful

When entering your room, the first thing you should see is something that can give you a feeling of peace and serenity: a family picture, a beloved quote, a painting, something that recalls nature. What is more likely of arousing positive emotions for you? If you are a nature lover, you could use wallpaper one of your bedroom walls, choosing a pattern that reminds you of plants and flowers.

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Clearing the room from confusion is a fundamental principle of vastu shastra thinking. Chaos and disorganization, especially in the space underneath the bed, give us a sense of oppression us and is a stress factor in our lives. Freeing up space and reorganizing an environment where documents, magazines and books have accumulated through the years, will help you create a composed atmosphere and a sense of lightness within the room.

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Color palette

According to vastu shastra, the ideal colors for bedrooms are shades of light rose, that represent for passion, coziness, warmth, but also and blue and green, to inspire calm and create a soothing environment. Vastu advises against using too much white in the bedroom, and it is strongly against the presence of red in this area of the house.

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Natural materials

Vasto shastra is not only about visual elements: energy flows through our bodies also thanks to tactile sensations. That is why bedding should always be made of natural materials: it will significantly improve the quality of our sleep, and put our bodies and souls in harmony with the rest of the room. Sheets should be clean and fresh, and made of cotton, linen, wool or silk.

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Head south

The positive energies always come from the north and the blood that flows in our body contains iron; in the vastu shastra philosophy, these two factors make our organism magnetic and, therefore, positive. When we sleep with our head turned to the north, these two positive poles repel each other, impeding the flow of blood and negatively affecting sleep and good health. It is better, therefore, always to sleep with the head oriented towards south.

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Mirror mirror on the wall…

A mirror hanging on the wall in front of the bed can disturb our sleep, according to this ancient Indian way of thinking. When we sleep, we “release” our accumulated stress; if we have a mirror in front of us, instead, it will reflect the stress we are releasing, and making it flow back to us. In order not to undergo the negative effect of this process, you can move the mirror to the side of the bed, or cover it during the night. You will enjoy a more restful and rejuvenating sleep.

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Don’t put yourself in a corner

Try never to sleep aligning your body with a corner, or the edges of tables, chairs, or stools. The edges act as energy propellers and cause stress on our nervous system. A room with pointy objects and to many edgy pieces of furniture will never be a serene environment. A smart idea could be to place a plant in the most neat corners, in order to reduce its negative influence: this touch of green will not only act as a barrier between you and the edge; it will fill the environment with positive energy.

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