Home : Macaw Parrot — It’s Time to Adopt This Neotropical Avifauna for A Pet

In a bid to find a perfect family pet, people can extend their search at different places.

Do you belong to the same group?

Do you have an earnest urge to find a pet in a parrot with intriguing attributes?

It is imperative that you have the preparedness to adopt a parrot with a complex diet and other features. Besides, you will have to ensure a strong commitment towards taking care of the nestling.

If you’re up and ready, it’s time to bring home the Macaw parrots! With their amazing looks, colorful plumage, and unparalleled features, you’ll be left mesmerized and awestruck. Also known as the New World Parrots or Neotropical Avifauna, the several species of the Macaw parrots are endangered and that’s definitely a cause of worry.

Scarlet Macaw parrot

Variety 1 — Scarlet Macaw Parrot

The Scarlet beauty! With a typical lifespan of 40 to 45 years, this large bird can be your perfect pet at home. In the beginning, it may need some persuasion or shown who’s the boss in the arena, but eventually, they become an ideal, gentle, and loving pet.

This sizable bird requires a large cage and should be fed a healthy diet of fruits, pellets, vegetables, and a mixture of nuts and seeds. Since they are stimulated towards games and tricks, you can add a playstand with toys in your home.

Variety 2 — Hyacinth Macaw Parrot

As it belongs to the largest flying parrot species, the hugeness is evident. Basically, it’s a native of Central and eastern South America and is classified as Vulnerable. It could be a great feathered-friend due to a calm and gentle demeanor.

This one may cost you a little more than the Scarlet Macaw.


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