DIY : Wood and Water — Adding Wood Features to Your Bathroom

Wood provides a natural and organic look. Depth, dimension, design, and warmth can be added to your bathroom space by adding wooden elements to it. Wood enriches the room and adds character to your interior design.

Adding wood in bathrooms is a latest design-trend, which provides more than one advantages, such as:

– Adds natural earthiness and warmth to a room, making it more comfortable

– There are various wood colors and tones you can incorporate in your design

– With variety of grainy texture, a focal point can be created in your room

Here are some ideas to incorporate wood in your bathroom design.

Wooden flooring

Okay, this may sound like the most obvious thing you can do with wood, but it’s also the most impactful one. Make sure to waterproof the wooden floor. Install groves, tongue, or tar paper between the planks to prevent water damage.

Choose a unique wooden-shade. Get it tinted, if you want a unique color. Color coordinate cabinets and shelves with the floor color. A stunning contrast can also be incorporated to make the furniture pop a little.

A shower floor made out of wood

For people who want to avoid a complete wooden floor, but want a wooden touch in their bathrooms, a wooden shower floor is a great idea.

This also creates a focal point on the floor. Be sure to strike a right balance between the wooden portion and the rest of the floor. Mix stone floor with a wooden patch, or a rusty ceramic tile with a wooden island. Just add wooden planks right over your showering area, and you will have an all-natural bathing space.

Wood wall of wonder

All four walls or single statement-wall can be installed in your bathroom to make an impact. Again, all wooden elements need to be waterproofed to avoid damage. Look for different texture and colors, to give your bathroom a picturesque makeover.

As for the statement wall, wood can be carved into variety of shapes. Add a wall full of geometric design or small intricate floral pattern. Match the same design on your wooden cabinetries, to make them impactful.

Add wood to ceilings and beams

Wood adds character to architecture. Bring more comfort and earthiness to your design with wooden beams or ceiling.

A decorative, yet structural beam can be added, in the color of your choice, to compartmentalize the bathroom into different section. This will add symmetry and flow to your design.

A wooden vanity

Wood is easier to incorporate in all kind of designs. Variety of colors, stains, grains, and textures are available in wooden vanity. Your bathroom can be made elegant with a nicely carved vanity and a well-lit mirror.

You would be knocking on wood, after incorporating wooden elements in your bathroom designs. Hire an experienced home builder. Showcase Homes & Remodeling, Inc. provides handyman services, custom home building, remodeling and interior designing services in Bossier, Parish for small and large residential structures.


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