DIY : Why Rose is the New Gold For 2018 (10 Epic Examples)

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After the regular metallic and the comeback of the classic unfinished brass, the pink tinted rose-gold is now flaunting the market of home decor. It’s almost everywhere and more than ever,undeniably appealing.

Rose-gold brings the much awaited freshness for 2018’s home-decor as it slowly makes its journey from luxurious jewelry to an all-time favorite home accent.

Here are some of the top 10 great ideas to pick from to make your dull corners shine pink this year. ✨

  1. Pink Planters 🌷

The trend to have indoor plants is on the rise like never before and I have to admit that are a plenty of amazingly cool ways & DIY hacks to make your indoors look fresh and green. But while you take the plunge to do so, it never hurts to make them look even prettier with a modern yet simple, pink tinged plant holder, like this one.

Credit :

2. Floral Trays

Bright, colorful floral trays are bound to grab some attention as the center piece of your table. The thing that I love about these guys is that they never let the spirit of spring fade away.

I also cannot resist to admire the balance of the print with the subtle sheen of pink metal running around it. These pieces are a must have!

Credit: Anthropologie

3. Pink Pendant Lamps

If you’re looking to brighten up your dull corners with some new pendant lights, then they better be in rose-gold this year. I am quite certain, that with what it looks like currently, this will not be just another fad. Especially because it does resemble the look and feel of copper that has been in use for years but now comes with a more fancier art decor appeal.

Credit: Target

4. Metallic Wallpapers

Wallpapers are making a great come-back and metallic colors are the trend setters. The subtle shine on metallic wallpapers help add a new dimension to smaller spaces or even better can be used to create a targeted accent wall.

With silvers and gold as the standard metallic colors for wallpapers, warmer hues like that of copper or the rose-gold are great options for a rich modern look.

Credit: Pinterest

5. Pretty Waste

Who ever thought that even waste baskets could be pretty and dainty. Well, here they are.

Breaking the norm of plastics,we’ve had metal, cane, bamboo waste baskets as a much owned subtle style statement but who ever imagined of rose-gold waste baskets?

At least I din’t.

They come in a multitude of shapes and designs that can be a great to a teenager’s bedroom or even a smart addition to smaller spaces where you seldom get to do much due the daunting space crisis. 😬

And so here is my pick for what great style in great price would mean to me.

Credit : H&M

6. Rose- Gold Furniture

Furniture comes in pink too!

This subtle soft hue of rose-gold pink is a classic example of style in modern day home-decor.

A corner like this one would be a reader’s retreat with a good book and a cup of coffee.

What do you think? 🤔

Credit: Pinterest

7. Cook in Style 🍖🍳

Don’t forget about your kitchen.

It’s not just about making something edible but doing it with love and a smile on your face.

Personally, I cannot resist good-looking kitchenware. It makes me want to do so much more in the kitchen than otherwise. To top it all, there is a wide array of kitchen products in pink tinged copper and rose-gold to choose from and add a happy spark to a regular kitchen.

Look at this stunning metal and tell me what you think:

Credit: Sourced from the web

8. Bed Accessories

While a complete bedding in rose-gold can be too much for most of us, using things like a throw or a fancy cushion as an accent wouldn’t be a bad deal at all.

This color is so rich yet so subdued that it can effortlessly lift up the spirit of your existing decor.

Credit : Pinterest

9. Rose-Gold Metallic Lamps ✨

What is a room without a stunning lamp?

These warm, modern and futuristic lamps come in a complete new look and plenty of designs with the pinkish copper, rose-gold finish.

They can blend in and stand out at the same time and become an indispensable part of your home-decor.

Credit: Ruemag

10. Show me the Mirror 🦔

Mirrors are an integral part of any space. They add so much more than just functionality. They add a dimension to pretty much any space — a bedroom, living room, or bathroom.

Check out the rose-gold frame below. Looks so sophisticated yet simple at the same time.

Credit : Westelm


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