DIY : Why are Glass Railings Becoming Every Designer’s Choice?

The function of any railing system is to add security to a staircase while also embellishing the area with its ornate built. A beautifully designed staircase compliments every architecture and becomes the focal point that grabs the primary attention of everyone who enters in. Having a glass railing system for your home or office building is the “icing on the cake”.

Glass staircase railings are a breath of fresh air as far as architectural elements are considered. They come armed with many essential features that are responsible for their growing popularity. They offer versatility when it comes to their capabilities, which certainly adds to the growing wants of the glass railings in the commercial and non-commercial market.

Advantages of opting for Glass Railings

Aesthetically pleasing: Unquestionably, the appearance and charm glass railings deliver to an interior is matchless.

Uninterrupted view: There is no blocking of an attractive view or décor, which can be a significant turn-off when using metal or wood railings.

Combating weather conditions: The clear benefit of choosing glass railings over hardwoods is that they don’t need the continual maintenance of painting or finishing. The exterior surface of laminated glass panels is better suited to undergo extreme temperatures and is not exposed to surface cracking.

Easy Cleaning: Glass railings are simple to clean and when sparkling clean, they will improve the interior like nothing else.

Easy to Install: Stylish and open glass rails are also convenient and light to handle and install. The glass railing systems use high quality of parts and cleanliness of the joints which can be assembled or simply re-assembled.

Other factors that determine usability of Glass Railings

Glass Handrail Systems can be customized according to specific applications and approved through computerized designs before actual fabrication. While safety and style dominate the usage of aluminum and glass railings, there are some other essential pointers too that determine their suitability. The top three factors are

• Price and budget

• Impact on the environment

• Compliance with state policies and national building codes

Where to Get These Railings

If you are looking for glass railings, Architectural Iron Designs offers products from premier manufacturers in Europe that can provide a range of glass railing systems for all types of properties. Get customized railing systems built for your home or cottage, as well as a variety of models to choose from.

Get streamlined design of Panel Grip Accessories. Also, get Stainless Steel Roll Formed Top Rail, that has a durable locking mechanism and specially designed, lighter weight Extruded Aluminum Top Rail. The installation of this system is faster and more cost-effective than other standard railing options.

AIDI’s topless glass railings combine luxury and safety while providing the best views possible out of any railing system. All the products are rust free, ensuring years of maintenance-free reliability. For more information, please call (800)784–7444 or email us:


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