DIY : Who Makes Admiral Saw Blades? – Elizabeth Emma – Medium

Admiral saw blades are high-quality blades designed for those who don’t want to pay a high price but still want a cut above others. Their selection of products include:

1. 5–1/2 in. 30T Circular Saw Blade

This is a premium quality circular saw blade with resharpenable and highly durable C3 carbide tips.

They are four times more effective than the standard circular saw blades.

2. 7–1/4 in. 24T Framing Circular Saw Blade

This saw blade comes with C3 carbide tips that are impact resistant.

They are long-lasting and won’t break, crack or fracture when hitting nails or working with solid wood. They are designed for heavy-duty use.

Check out this video review of this particular saw blade:

3. 7–1/4 in. 40T Finishing Circular Saw Blade

This model features resharpenable C3 carbide tips, and it can last up to fifty times longer than standard carbon steel blades.

4. 7–1/4 in. 140T Plywood Circular Saw Blade

This high tooth count saw blade works perfectly to cut plywood, paneling, and veneer. It is designed to improve accuracy and deliver excellent performance.


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