DIY : Which Type Of Siding Material Is Right For Your Building In London, Ontario?

While several homes are built of stucco or brick, several others rely on siding offered by reliable roofing companies in London Ontario. In addition to adding to the general style and appearance of a home, siding also safeguards it from the weather, water, and several other varying threats. It’s easy to maintain and truly affordable. It’s offered in a wide range of materials and colours, so getting the ideal match for your taste and home could be truly simple.

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is among the foremost and most popular options. It is quite similar to aluminium, but it hardly ever dents in its own case. Vinyl siding never requires you to paint it whenever you use it as siding for your house. This is because its colour permeates the whole thickness of its panels and it has never been known to rust. It is offered in several varying colours, sizes, as well as lengths.

Aluminium siding

Aluminium siding also happens to be another truly popular option, and just like vinyl siding, it is quite resistant to rust too. It is also well-insulating and truly waterproof. But in its own case, it is prone to be dented, nevertheless. This means that you should avoid using it in areas of the home where hail storms can be common or where the home’s siding could be hit with, let’s say, a Frisbee or baseball. Reliable expert roofing companies in London can always advise on where you can conveniently and safely use aluminium siding around your house.

Composition boards

Composition boards, or hardboards, are composed of several planks or sheets of wood fibre that is powerfully compressed. Even though they could be treated to become water resistant, you might still need to replace them should they ever become too wet. Also, you will normally need to repaint headboards from time to time.


These offer another kind of effective siding. Shingles are usually produced from redwood, cypress, or any other similar wood. As for their application, they could be applied as single, smooth layers or, in a textured, overlapping manner. Nevertheless, they are sometimes prone to what is known as cupping (rolling towards the middle) and also what is called checking (splitting or cracking).


Veneer is the final siding type on this list. Veneers are every so often produced from some type or form of stone or brick. As you might have rightly suspected, they are truly ideal for brick houses or any houses belonging to individuals that love the old stone house appearance. The houses, though, need to have the conventional wood frame to be able to use veneers. They are offered in wide-ranging colours, textures, as well as thickness. They are also quite ideal for people that reside in rainy regions, as water normally cannot penetrate them. They require minimal maintenance as you do not need to paint them.

These are the types of siding you can choose from. If you need further information, contact any of the reliable roofing companies in London Ontario. They will help you decide what suits you most.


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