DIY : Which chimney is appropriate for your Indian kitchen?

Which chimney is appropriate for your Indian kitchen?

A kitchen chimney helps in eliminating smoke, vapors, sticky grease, and other airborne elements out of the kitchen. There are many people who gets annoyed by working in their kitchens for more than an hour. This happens because day by day the use their kitchens to prepare mouthwatering delicious food items due to which the vapors which comes out from the food materials sticks their impression on the kitchen walls. Thus the formation of sticky walls takes place not only this we have seen many electrical appliances gets covered in a thin layer of oily stuffs which are known as grime. These forms when the kitchen is not cleaned over a period of more than 2 months.

Many have even complained that while preparing food with strong aroma spices they tend to sneeze quite frequently. At times these small things turns out to be bad for both the kitchen and the person who is cooking. The only thing you can do is installing some of the best available kitchen chimney in Kolkata. If you are planning to buy the kitchen chimneys for your home then we would suggest to install Propello modular kitchen chimney.

Propello is one of the best renowned kitchen chimney dealers in Kolkata they have been in the market for more than five years, their kitchen chimneys are being built from premium materials and onboard cleaning sensors which helps in cleaning the kitchen and making it fresh within a blink of an eye.

In the last few years installing some of the best looking kitchen chimneys have become the latest norms in most of the homes in Kolkata. Kitchen chimneys are no longer designed in such a way so that only rich people can afford it. People who look forward in buying modular kitchen chimney they get attracted to the onboard features it provides like presence of storage drawers, dishwasher and others. There are many brands of kitchen chimneys in Kolkata who are offering consumers their most prized chimneys at affordable price tags.

Apart from having onboard cleaning sensors, storage drawers and dishwasher facilities a kitchen chimney even offers an addition of redecorating the home once again. There are many kitchen chimneys which comes with hoods and canopies. These add an extra appealing look in the house. Some of the most popular brands like Propello, Kaff, and others advice that people should install modern electrical modular chimneys so that the kitchen can remain fresh and lively for cooking more and more food.

People who get confused in which chimney to buy and which one will be the best one for them we have prepared this article so that they can get a good understanding how many types of kitchen chimneys are present in the market.

There are mainly two types of chimneys:

Contemporary chimney — These kind of chimneys comes in different styles and designs some of them even includes a hood which again comes in several styles such as wall canopy, downdraft chimney, and island canopy.

Conventional chimney — These chimneys performs the most basic functions i.e. keeping the kitchen ventilated and fresh. Conventional chimneys are available in both ductless and with duct modes.

If you are a person who just wants to get help from cleaning your kitchen from daily formation of grime and smokes. Then the conventional kitchen chimney will be best suited for you as those are kind of cheap than those who want a modular kitchen chimney to redecorate the house and keep a fresh kitchen at the same time.


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