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Is your home costing you money?

Modern homes are complex , they consist of a juxtaposing mixture of cutting-edge technology, everyday objects and old treasured belongings, no two homes are the same.

It can be difficult to decide what your next renovation is going to be, whether your roof has sprung a leak or you’re knocking a wall down, maybe you’re fitting a state-of-the-art home security system or you just want to repaint the kitchen, what you do can effect your home in a number of ways.

A popular home improvement (which actually gives a return on your investment!) is the replacement of older window designs with A-rated uPVC Windows.

These windows have a high energy rating, meaning you can reduce your carbon footprint, update your home’s aesthetic and save money on energy bills all at the same time.

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As the summer starts to wind down and give way to the brisk autumnal air, it’s probably time to start thinking about how warm your home is and how long it can maintain this warmth without constant heat.

You don’t want to have your stove burning 24/7 just to keep your home warm. You also don’t want a your boiler working overtime just to keep you above freezing! It’s about maintaining that sweet spot for as long as you can whilst expending as little energy as possible.

In a room with uninsulated walls and an uninsulated roof and floor, around 40% of warm air is lost through the door and windows you have in your home. So in a well insulated home that has poorly insulated doors and windows you stand to lose well over 40% of your heat from doors and windows.

Whilst it may seem costly to replace all of this, the money you’ll save in heating bills should more than make up for this, with some windows saving homeowners over £200 per year in bills.

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So with Autumn at the door (sorry!) perhaps it’s time to for a change.

Invest in new windows and doors and you’ll find your home is noticeably cosier; come the winter months.

But don’t fall into the trap laid out by window salespeople. In a world of commission, “special offers” and added fees, what you need is clarity and customer service.

At Value Doors, we don’t employ salespeople, we just give you our very best price straight away; no bargaining, no comissions.

Just choose your door from our website then order online or call our customer enquiries team who will help you with any questions you may have and take your order, all in your own time. No hard-sell and no tactics.

Find the door for you at or call our friendly customer enquiries team on 0800 955 8959


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