DIY : What You Need To Know Before Home Inspection – Steve Collins – Medium


I have been helping people with a lot of different kind of issues in their life be it personal or professional, what I have noticed is that it all depends on how you handle the situation and for that you have to personally be aware and informed about the situation. One such thing is a timely home inspection, one of my friend recently got into trouble when the house he was living in developed large spots, his kids were frightened at the mere sight of it. Upon inspection it was found that this is a kind of Mold infestation and it arises from sneaky areas of the house. Hence home inspection is a very important thing. So I have compiled here a list of important links that will help you in the long run to grab the home inspection essentials-

This list is small but may go a long way in helping you. Contact me for improvements or suggestions, thanks.


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