DIY : What Should Be The Security Checklist For New Homeowners?

Security Checklist For New Homeowners

Different people have different perceptions about moving out from one place to the other. Some like it and feel excited while others find it hectic. Many homeowners usually lay stress on decorating and adjusting in their new home, ignoring home security and safety. It is one of the most important aspects of moving in. Your life, property and family safety depends on it. Therefore, make sure your new home is free from burglars, robbers, intruders and such criminals. There is no security or home safety mechanism that can claim you mental peace. Assess risks and device a foolproof home security plan to shun all such risks.

Here is a home security and safety checklist for you to take notice for your new home:

1. Upgrade Your Door Locks

Home security begins with entry/exit doors. Doors are the very first vulnerable points for the intruders to enter your home. You never know who lived at your new property, before you did. And most important of all, you never know what type of neighbors you have. They can have bump keys to enter from your main door.

Make it sure your door locks are upgraded, well protected and can’t break open with any bump key. Use smart door locks that involve unique passcodes codes for entry making it keyless for you.

2. Port Your Wireless Home Security Alarm System or Buy One

One of the best benefits of wireless home security alarm systems is that they are portable. You don’t need to invest in another home security system if you have already have a wireless alarm system. However, if you had never used a security alarm system before, it would be safe to say to buy one as you move in. A home security alarm system proves to be the best way to ensure your family and property security & safety.

3. Make Your New Home Burglar-Free

To make your new home burglar-free, install video surveillance cameras. Indoor and outdoor video surveillance cameras, particularly for new homeowners are beneficial. This way you can keep an eye on your surroundings and home. This way you’ll be able to understand your surroundings better while feeling more safe and secure.

4. Keep Your Lawn Maintained

Your lawn and shrubbery should be well maintained. An unkempt lawn and plantation around your new house is an open invitation for burglars. Install smart bulbs in your lawn. Use your cellphone to operate the bulbs for showing the intruders you are at home even when you are away.

5. Invest In Home Safety Devices

To keep safe from indoor home accidents like burning of wires, short-circuits, CO gas leakage etc., don’t forget to invest in home safety devices such as firefighters, CO detectors, smoke and heat sensors etc. These devices promise complete home safety round the clock.

6. Install a Doorbell Camera

Be careful as you move in. As you are not aware about what kind your new environment and neighbors are. There can be a bad neighbor who fights all night or a smuggler who faces police every day. To keep yourself secure from such people, install a doorbell camera. This way you would know who knocks at your door by watching them on your cellphone. A doorbell camera allows you to see the visitor live from your smartphone. If you feel safe, you can open the door, if you don’t, just say goodbye to them without being afraid. 
 Get your home and life protected with a modern home security alarm system before it becomes your need. 
 Stay safe!


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