DIY : What is the most secure front door one can buy for a home?

To answer the question what is the most secure front door for a home, we have to understand what “security” means. A secure front door is the door that is impossible or very difficult to break. Due to what parameters is security achieved?

The reliable operation of the metal door is provided by high quality of the steel and precision of manufacturing of all the structure elements.

The door frame is reinforced with a special system of vertical and horizontal ribbed stiffeners. It increases door strength and resists different loads.

The outer part of the lock is protected by metal strike plate, which increases the burglar-resistance of the entrance door.

A reliable locking system together with a high strength of the structure provides a multi-level system for entrance doors protection.

All features mentioned above you can find in the safe and secure front doors for home presented on The Doors Depot. The official distributor of Novo Porte brand, the website offers reliable steel entry doors manufactured with the use of European technologies. Numerous patents and quality certificates confirm the high quality of the construction elements and accessories.

When choosing, remember the key features of secure front doors. These tips will help to make your door a reliable barrier against criminals.

Durable and strong locks. The quality dead bolt lock is considered one of the most reliable. For greater security, it should extend through the doorframe into the walls of your home.

• Choose doors with no glass near the door handle. Otherwise, the robber can break the glass/window and easily open the door from the inside.

• Use the services of professional installers. Yes, installing the door on your own is much cheaper, but you cannot be sure that you have protected your home completely. Professional installation ensures the safety of your door.

Install the door only from solid material. A secure door will never have a hollow core. Among the most durable materials, we can distinguish doors from steel and hardwood.

If you have any additional questions, you can contact our customer service team. They will give you detailed information about secure front doors.


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