DIY : Varnishing Your Furniture – Devika Martins – Medium

Must-Have Finishing Supplies:

High-quality finishing supplies take the pain out of staining. An investment in good tools and accessories will greatly speed up the job and increase the quality of your finishing work.

  • Sanding supplies. Buy 100-grit (medium) products for sanding the raw wood and either 240- or 280-grit (extra-fine) sanding paper, sponges and pads for sanding between clear coats, depending on the profiles you’re sanding.
  • Brushes. Buy two 2–1/2-in. china-bristle brushes (natural bristles). Use them for staining, dry brushing and applying the clear finishes. Don’t buy cheap brushes. If you take care of it and clean it well, a top-quality brush will last for 20 years or more. A cheap brush is more likely to leave brush marks and bristles in the finish.
  • 100-percent cotton painter’s rags. Buy a box at a home center. Don’t use old bed sheets or clothes that contain synthetic fibers. They may leave behind dyes and won’t absorb stain nearly as well.
  • Gloves. A box of disposable gloves will protect your hands from solvents, and you won’t have to struggle with putting on reusable ones after coffee breaks. You can get a pair at the local pharmacy.
  • Mineral spirits or turpentine. Buy a 1-gallon can to clean brushes and to thin stain if needed.
  • Tack cloths. Find tack cloths in the paint department. Use them to eliminate the last specks of dust after you sand between coats.


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