DIY : US Startup Takes on Houzz with their Top-level Home Improvement Services

Renovaten vs Houzz: the war is on!

When people go to buy a product or service online, they usually type it into Google, or visit some reliable price comparison website; then assume the results will show them an affordable price structure for that product or service. The same thing happens to the low-income homeowners or renters who are already burdened with a plethora of financial risks and problems. The majority of homeowners overwhelmingly prefer natural gas, electric services, filtered sparkling water and other amenities to make their lifestyle more comfortable. On the other side, giving importance to the regular home renovations is also a crucial thing to increase the value of your home.

With so many services available out there, people need clarity as they are confused about where to begin. However, when they search for the most reliable home improvement companies, they have to select the best one from 10 million results; and this is pretty hard to decide. In order to clear up the confusion, you can try checking ‘well known home improvement services in US’ on Google. And the results would be according to your expectations. You will find ‘Houzz’ at the top of the search results, whereas Renovaten which is another startup company in the US will not show on the first ten pages of Google.

Image Source: Renovaten

The reason is, Renovaten has just launched six months ago and does not have a powerful presence as compared to Houzz. The company is now focusing to create its strong online presence which may lead to increase its brand loyalty and is expected to drive more revenue in just a few upcoming months.

The reason to emphasize more on social presence is, according to Google, more than 95% of consumers prefer to use the internet in search of best services. Therefore, building a strong social presence has become a crucial component for the success of every business.

Social presence is considered essential for outbound marketing as it simply reinforces the business and everything we want to offer to our target audience. When we communicate with our audience, we need to have a good web presence as it will help portray the reason what differentiates us from others.

What makes Renovaten a better choice?

The idea to pursue the vision of your business is commonly known as strategic planning. Hence, Renovaten’s business strategies and operations are far different from Houzz.

According to the user data collection, here are the five noticeable facts that motivate people to choose Renovaten:

· Renovaten’s business decisions are completely customer oriented not company oriented. As according to a user, “when I registered myself on Houzz, it took two business days to get matched with the suitable professional for my home improvement project. But right after one week, when I visited Renovaten for flooring services, they helped me matched with the reliable handyman in just three hours.”

· Renovaten is focused on implementing small challenges and handle different kinds of home improvement projects effectively; their main focus is not to carry out some drastic changes and to close big deals only.

· Renovaten is continuously looking for improvement opportunities, and seeking ways to run the operations according to the latest trends and requirements.

· Renovaten professionals guide the users professionally; they clearly explain what needs to be done and what should be avoided.

· The renovaten team has excellent collaboration with other departments and the users.

Due to the unique business model of Houzz, the company does not have a close competitor except Renovaten; so now they are trying to win the race through several creative ways.

Let’s see who will have the strength to beat the competition in the next few days!


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