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Just like the rest of your home, your upholstered furniture can get quite dirty over time if you don’t regularly clean it. Dust, dirt, stains, body oils, smells and more can get trapped deep into the fabrics of your favorite upholstered pieces, ruining them forever. But you can salvage your stained upholstered items with the right upholstery cleaner and couch cleaner. Undoing years of neglect and damage with the right carpet and upholstery cleaner makes it possible to restore your old pieces like they were new again!

An Upholstery Cleaner That Works

The key to making your upholstered furniture like new again is finding the right upholstery cleaner. You need something with a powerful, yet gentle, formula that will fight even the toughest stains while still being careful not to ruin the fabric. With Rejuvenate’s Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner with Spot & Stain Remover, you get exactly that! You’ll be able to safely and permanently remove stains with its powerfully engineered enzymes that work the minute you spray it on your upholstered furniture. There is no heavy scrubbing necessary, with the powerful formula getting into the deepest fabric stains possible.

A Couch Cleaner For Every Stain

One of the most used upholstered pieces in your home is probably the couch in your family room since it’s where everyone likes to hang out watching TV and spending family time together. With that being said, it’s most likely the dirtiest piece of upholstered furniture in your home. To get it back looking like the day you first brought it home, the Rejuvenate couch cleaner works on a number of common stains, including wine, mud, oil, food, makeup, juices and even hard-to-get-out pet stains. There hasn’t been a stain this couch cleaner’s formula hasn’t tackled!

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner In One Convenient Bottle

The best cleaning products are the ones that can do double duty, and this Rejuvenate product is both a carpet and upholstery cleaner in one bottle! It works just as good on carpet stains as it does as an upholstery cleaner (or really any fabric that needs a good cleaning). The formula’s enzymes will dissolve fats, proteins, starches and pigmentation, resulting in lighter stains and spots. Even the most stubborn stains you never thought would come out will fade away overnight. And it’s GREENGUARD certified, which means that the upholstery cleaner has low chemical emissions, is free of solvents, phosphates and acids, making it earth-friendly and safe for your entire family.

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