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These 6 Expert Tips Could Add Thousands to Your Home’s Asking Price.

When it comes to selling your home, we all want to get the right price for our property. But sometimes we need to show our houses a little love before they can bring home the bacon.

These 6 tips will help you add £s onto your asking price without having to rebuild your dining room or turn the spare room into a casino!

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  1. Paint Your Walls — Giving your rooms a once-over usually won’t cost any more that a few hundred quid, but the results can make you home feel bigger (use lighter colours)and can up its value by £5,000!
  2. Hang Mirrors in Smaller Rooms —Mirrors make your interior feel wider and longer. They trick the peripheral vision into sensing space that isn’t actually there. Don’t go overboard, but a mirror in the hall and maybe one in your smaller rooms could make all the difference.
  3. Show the Garden Some Love — If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, ensure it’s well pruned and tidy. If you live in an area where parking is a premium, consider paving over garden space for more parking as this can add up to £50,000 to your asking price!
  4. Open Your Home to Nature — Aluminium Bifold Doors can transform any room into a classy, villa-esque space. They’re great in summer and offer impressive thermal ratings in the colder months! This upgrade isn’t cheap but can add a significant percentage onto your asking price, depending on the size of your garden or room.
  5. Don’t Concentrate on the Bedrooms — Chances are, any new buyers are going to want to re-do the bedroom, no matter what you leave them. So, there’s no point spending time and money on something that will need to be changed in the end anyway.
  6. Upgrade to A-rated Windows — Old, leaky, draughty windows aren’t just annoying, they’ll bring down your property down. Get your windows updated to A-rated windows and have your home’s thermal efficiency rating tested. More efficient homes are obviously more valuable so spend the money and reap the rewards!
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Remember, when you’re getting anything done to your home, make sure you choose reputable companies. Anyone who is going to make changes to your home should be adequately equipped and qualified.

Value Doors are accredited by the Guild of Master Craftsmen, FENSA and CERTASS to ensure that you can relax during our installations, start-til-finish!


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