DIY : Traditional interior doors: luxury and aristocratic chic

The design of the doorway requires the same careful selection as the organization of the interior of the house or apartment. Harmonious appearance and completeness of the design idea depend on the door. To ensure that the chosen model will become the successful completion of the project, you need to take into account various points.

To begin with, choose the room style. Next, select the door itself. It can serve as an independent decor element or fit harmoniously into the existing interior.

Now, the classics is the most popular style. It is distinguished by a peculiar chic and rich design. Symmetrical shapes and richness of decoration characterize doors in the classical style. Luxury decorative elements are intensified by gilding, silvering or aged patina. Noble appearance is achieved with the use of natural materials.

Reasons for choosing classic interior doors

  • Being a rather complex style, the classic will help to create a stunning and noble look. Traditional interior doors will be an excellent solution for spacious rooms. They add luxury and nobility in the design of the entire room of the house or apartment.
  • When choosing the color and shade of the door, rely on the advice of professional designers. They recommend choosing a color based on the overall interior. The more strictly the room looks, the darker the interior door color should be. Choose models with gilding or patina to vivify the darker shades. Regardless of the chosen design, such a decoration of the leaf brings a touch of luxury and grandeur.
  • Among the variety of models presented, you can find different shapes and options. The most interesting options are the classical rectangular and arched forms. Thanks to amazing carving and decorative accessories, classic doors will create a truly royal chic in the house.

How to choose the perfect traditional interior door

When purchasing the perfect model, you should not save on it, because the classical style is associated with wealth and luxury. The product made of solid wood with a fine carving and high-quality fittings cannot be cheap. Therefore, if you are offered a cheap item, most likely it is made of wood substitutes.

The Doors Depot is ready to provide you with an interesting assortment of traditional interior doors at reasonable prices. They are reliable and high-quality products manufactured by European technology. Models made from valuable wood species or more budget materials will surely attract your attention. Professional masters carefully worked on each product so that you could get a truly magnificent product with an amazing decor.


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